The Voice is the mockery of Twitter with this completely failed 3D hologram by Kendji Girac

Last night French viewers were able to take part in the final of The Voice. To celebrate the event, Nikos Alagias’ show has put the funds in place and features a performance by singer Kendji Girac equipped with sensors to create a 3D hologram. But the result, which had rather failed, provoked the hilarity of Internet users.

# 1

TF1 they have the graphical layer of Fifa 98 #TheVoice

May 15, 2021

# 2

I was scared of my life, don’t do that! #TheVoice

May 15, 2021

# 3

Even Mélenchon does better with holograms. #TheVoice

May 15, 2021

# 4

Kendji after the vaccine: #TheVoice

May 15, 2021

# 5

And we immediately say hello to Celine Dion in motion capture, it’s a first #TheVoice

May 15, 2021

# 6

People in 1940: “There will be flying cars in 2021”
2021: #TheVoice

May 15, 2021

# 7

The hologram in US ud83cuddfaud83cuddf8 against the hologram in France ud83cuddebud83cuddf7

ud83dude2cud83dude2cud83dude2cud83eudd72 #TheVoice #Eurovision

May 15, 2021

# 8th

What’s this for Sims #TheVoice

May 15, 2021

# 9

He’ll be chasing me tonight #TheVoice

May 15, 2021

# 10

Thanks @ TF1, you made my evening with this hologram made visible by an intern on PS1. #TheVoice ud83dude02ud83dude02ud83dude02ud83dude02

May 15, 2021

# 11

Folks … how do we do the hologram?
-I have my little cousin who does great things on paint.
– sold!

# TheVoice # thevoice2021

May 16, 2021

# 12

After choosing songs worthy of the Festival de la Déprime, I now need to take a break from the holographic appearance of Kenji Girac who looks like a Wii character ud83dude02ud83dude05 # TheVoice

May 15, 2021

# 13

Me when I saw Kendji’s avatar #TheVoice

May 15, 2021

# 14

The avatar of #KendjiGirac in #TheVoice yesterday finally lets me find the special effects of the movie #Cats ud83dude31ud83dude31 very successful

May 16, 2021

# fifteen

They promised us Kendji Girac, we had Kendji Gros-Couac. #TheVoice @GIRACKENDJI

May 15, 2021

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