The villain has finally revealed himself, we tell you all about him


After six weeks, Loki’s first season ended yesterday with the release of episode 6 on Disney +. The series was able to play with our nerves by repeatedly leading us on the wrong track, especially with the Keepers of Time, who turned out to be fake. With the secret of the TVA’s creation being kept, Episode 6 has finally revealed its identity. Still, this version of the supervillain may not be what we thought it would be. Explanations.

Warning! This article contains loot for the latest episode of Loki. Turn around if you haven’t seen it yet.

we finally know the creator of VAT

This finale clearly heralds a plot for the rest of the MCU and even season 2 of Loki. In fact, it was specifically announced in the credits. After Loki and Sylvie were sent to TVA, then to the Void Timeline, and confronted Alioth and other variants, at the end of time they could access the Kingdom of Limbo and find the one who stays. While our two protagonists are on their guard, they are greeted by a person who is eating an apple. If we pay attention to his costume, it is indeed the colors of Kang the Conqueror. In addition, the actor who plays him, Jonathan Majors, is already heralded as Kang in the cast of Antman 3: Quantumania.

In short, he was the one who created VAT. Initially, a variant of herself lived on earth in the 31st century. As a scientist, he discovered many other universes stacked on their own. For a long time the many universes have worked together and exchanged technologies and knowledge. Nonetheless, saw “less altruistic” variants, as he puts it, conquering new lands in these new worlds, thus provoking terrible multiverse wars. There he meets Alioth, the creature who rules over the void and has managed to free itself from the constraints of time. He succeeded in isolating the flow of time into a whole and in designing the TVA in such a way that time is not divided any further.

Kang … Immortal?

Kang is very involved in multiverse stories in the comics. He is a character long known to comic book readers and first appeared in Avengers # 8 in 1964. He is a mysterious man who comes from the future. Strictly speaking, he has no super powers, but an extremely high-tech arsenal with which he can fend off most of the forces of our Avengers. His ultimate goal is to control planet earth and he was able to gain access to a time machine that has enabled him to achieve countless conquests. This is also known to the judge Ravonna Renslayer, who also became aware of the variant in this episode. There’s a catch here.

One passage caught our ears because it wouldn’t really be about Kang the Conqueror, as everyone says. In the passage in question, the antagonist presents Loki and Sylvie with a dilemma. You have the choice of taking the reins of TVA or killing the antagonist, but you will see myriad variations of him appear. When Loki asks him why he would give up control, the character played by Jonathan Majors confesses that he is tired, that he is older than he looks, and adds that this “game” is for young people. That means he traveled a lot and lived a lot. We conclude that this is therefore Immortus, an alternate and futuristic version of Kang. He also settled in the Kingdom of Limbo. Immortus is an older character in the comics who saw Land, and Kang the Conqueror is just one version of him from the past.

Regardless, this finale turns into a post-MCU intrigue, especially since Sylvie killed Immortus after kissing Loki and pushing him into an alternate reality. In addition, there is a danger that the grandiose ending scene showing the god of mischief in an alternate TVA with Mobius and B-15 not recognizing him confirms that killing Immortus was a mistake. In fact, Loki ended up in this TVA, where a huge statue of the Creator’s variant in the image of a tyrant was erected. In this other chronology the one who remains does not seem to keep the secret of his person.

The consequences of Sylvie’s act could be dire. We can clearly expect new Multiverse Wars as we’ve seen time on the screen literally explode into thousands of alternate realities.

We can’t wait to see what Marvel Studios has in store for the sequel and how those events will affect the MCU.