The videographer surprises and destroys her opponents outside of YouTube

On August 27th, Youtuber Léna Situations raised a video titled “BUT WHAT ??? a book !!!” the veil over her latest project: a book. This book with the title “Immer mehr, + = +” is now available in bookshops. And the first numbers have fallen: the young woman crushes the competition and sells her book like hot cakes.

a book that surprises even the greatest

After an initial sale, his book “Always more, + = +” was published, which is presented as a “practical guide for young people to say NO to depression, gloom and the negative spiral”. sold 22,500 copies. And the numbers don’t lie right away. While the publishing world has been trying for several years to get young people buying books again, YouTuber Léna Situations is seducing. In one week, 22,500 copies were sold, way ahead of established names, remembers France Inter such as Emmanuel Carrère or Joël Dickers.

The Hitek surprise bag!

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The second week of sales did not disappoint either, as no fewer than 14,800 copies were sold. A success that should bring other publishers to get closer to big YouTubers. The Youtubeur / book cocktail continues to prove its explosiveness. McFly & Carlito, Le Rire Jaune, Nota Bene and Enjoy Phoenix sold their books on pallets thanks to years of popularity.

Work, videos and more work, the most popular videographers on the Google platform keep singing them. Their popularity allows them to be successful far where few of them can break through, and still give the publishing world a second wind. However, this success is not new. Yououtubers follow the stars of television, even the movie stars. Anyway, if you want to find “Always More, + = +” it is here.

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