This weekend will take place at Twitch the Z Event 2021, a charity event organized by Adrien “ZeratoR” Nougaret and Alexandre “Dach” Dachary, which aims to bring several streamers together for a marathon over an entire weekend. . All attendees collectively broadcast live content for over 50 hours and encourage viewers to band together to support a charity. To keep them motivated, streamers offer “Fundraising Goals” that indicate challenges or goals they promise for each fundraising milestone reached.

the donation goals of the z-event 2021

For the sixth edition this year, many well-known streamers from the current French scene will be present to mobilize for the association Action contre la Faim. On this occasion we find around fifty streamers such as Ponce, Aminematue, Jeel, Michou, Sardoche or Frédéric Molas from Joueur du Grenier (JDG), to name just a few.

At the event at the end of the week, the streamers have already started communicating their fundraising goals for this year, trying out new projects or just having fun. Yesterday, the JDG shared their list for the Z-Event 2021 on Twitter, making an allusion to this absurd theory that hangs around the Internet.

we’re going to the top

October 26, 2021

If most of all these goals are mainly aimed at entertaining interactions with viewers, other streamers, or simply just to entertain, we can also see that it is a good way for a streamer to assess the attractiveness of the audience for such or such a project .

But it also depends a lot on the particular streamer. In this case, we have a JDG here who is known for their irony and sarcasm, especially at the bottom of the list. After the objective of the “animal list of religions”, which already promises to be a very sensitive topic, we see an objective that may be realistic, but reminds us of this theory, according to which the current JDG is not a reality not the real one.

the jdg plot

In fact, JDG is an ancient one of the internet. Known on YouTube in the 2010s testing retro video games, it has changed a lot since then, especially physically. So much so that some began to suspect that the “new” JDG is not the real one, but a doppelganger.

That is more than enough for Internet users who have therefore taken up the topic. So we could see “investigations” in many forums that prove that the current JDG was not the real one. Hence the famous “Big Replacement Theory” was born from there.

Theory that doesn’t seem to bother those affected as it fuels the controversy itself:

Still, my life has been cool since I took on the role of the old big jdg #complot

October 18, 2018

With the records of the previous edition, great expectations are placed on the now annual ZeratoR and Dach event. We hope that our French streamers will manage to mobilize you by offering more and more innovative and fun projects. In any case, this last JDG fundraising goal seems to have motivated some:

The guys there have to put together a plan that will give us the opportunity to save the big JDG

October 26, 2021

“Hello Banque de France? I’m going to get 10 million euros in debt … yes yes, I said well that I was going. It’s a promise from JdG to say where the big JdG is … What do you mean? is he that already? ”

October 26, 2021

We know very well that the big JDG # TWWH2 plays on a loop in legendary mode.

October 26, 2021