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The victim of a crook, he crosses half of France to get revenge

We love to make fun of the war between PC Master Race and home consoles. But be careful now, PC gamers absolutely don’t laugh. The story we’re about to tell you happened last year, but the verdict was recently passed. A man crossed half of France to get revenge on an unscrupulous person who tried to “sell” him a computer.

A PC for the price of gold

Realizing that you’ve been pigeonholed is never pleasant. When some take it pretty well, others get into black anger. The person we are going to talk about today is a resident of Tours who, as reported by the media L’Est Républicain, bought a computer in April 2020 for the modest sum of 1,015 euros on Le Bon Coin from a person which he didn’t do. I dont know. The latter live in Haute-Saône in Scey-sur-Saône.

As soon as the fantastic computer is bought, the trouble begins for our poor fellow. First, the seller invents a deceptive excuse: La Poste bans excessively large parcels due to the coronavirus pandemic. Then he explains that the computer accidentally broke down and needs to be repaired! It didn’t take the buyer any longer to discover the deception …

However, our scammer made a mistake. He put the item back up for sale soon after his last apology. The buyer has obviously tried all legal means to get his money or machine back, and has even turned to consumer associations or lawyers. But he will decide to do justice himself on May 25, 2020 by walking 398 km as the crow flies from his home in Scey-sur-Saône by finding the seller’s house. By breaking a tile, he finds the computer and steals it.

Obviously this whole thing is going to end up with the police. Each brings a complaint against the other. The unscrupulous cheater for break and entry, the other for cheating. The first was known to the police because it had already been convicted of fraud twice. For this repetition he receives three months in prison and a sum of 149 euros, which he has to pay the victim. The buyer is sentenced to four months in prison. We advise you never to abuse a PC gamer’s patience!


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