The vault that resists atomic bombs and contains the world’s most precious music


The strong box that resists atomic bombs and contains the most valuable music in the world

Global Music Vault is a project by a Norwegian company that wants to keep important music records safe.

Global Music Vault photo.

The most important musical record in history is kept underground on an island between Norway and the North Pole. It will be a kind of safe in which these most precious songs will be kept. This space will be able to withstand, for example, nuclear attacks or even natural disasters.

Global Music Vaul is a project of the Norwegian company Elire Management Group based in Oslo, which aims to secure the musical recordings of great world hits and protect them from possible attacks so that they are never lost. The aim is for them to be kept there for a period of a thousand years.

This is a system that already exists for a different type of record. This is the case with the Arctic World Archive, which among other things collects copies of manuscripts from the Vatican Library; or the Global Seed Vault, which stores genetic resources.

As he told “EyeOnPop”, Luke Jenkinson, director of this project, aims to collect hits and other genres in this super-safe box, but also local music, which will be the first to be collected for the Global Music Vault next spring.

The decision on the selection of songs that will be part of this project will be made with the help of the International Music Council based in Paris, France. Afterwards, cooperations with international publishers are also concluded. There is also a time when the public can vote on some of the songs that will join the Global Music Vault.

It is buried more than 300 meters above sea level on an island near Norway in the Svalbard Archipelago.