“The Upshaws”, the new Netflix series about the everyday life of an African American family


“The Upshaws”: The new Netflix series promises to end the politically correct

The first season starts on Wednesday May 12th. It accompanies the daily life of an African American family.

Escape stereotypes

This Wednesday, May 12th, a new series opens on Netflix that promises to break with the logic of the politically correct. “The Upshaws” has ten episodes and promises the great new success of the streaming platform.

The series created by Regina Y. Hicks follows the daily life of an African American family from the US state of Indiana. The members of this family are working class and try to fight for better life while dealing with everyday problems.

To this core belongs the father Bennie Upshaw, who is a mechanic and has married his girlfriend since school. As in so many families, he spends his life at war with his sister-in-law. The couple’s three children, the oldest adult and two younger ones, also belong to the family. If things seem more or less normal so far, it goes without saying that at the age of her middle daughter, Bennie will have another son, the result of an extramarital adventure. To mix up the bills even more, the mother turns the family’s life upside down when she decides to stop worrying about the kids and the house in order to pursue her dreams.

Wrapped in the comedy category, the series tries to break with the idea that some productions have passed, that a black man should be as good and hardworking as his white counterparts in order to be successful and not be a victim of racism. This is one of the aspects highlighted by “NBC”, which it rates as “one of the most authentic portraits of a modern black experience ever”.

The cast of this series, which already has ten episodes, includes names like Mike Epps, Kim Fields, Wanda Sykes, Jermelle Simon and Michel Estime.