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The unlikely vampire movie that captivates Netflix viewers

The unlikely vampire movie that captivates Netflix viewers

“Blood Red Sky” debuted on the platform in late July. Most of the story takes place on an airplane.

“Blood Red Sky” is two hours long.

Over the years, several films have been shot almost entirely on airplanes – and often with deadly threats. But there is still room for original concepts. And maybe that was the case with “Blood Red Sky”.

The German film premiered on Netflix on July 23, although it’s widely popular in English due to the plot. Since then it has been one of the productions that are present in the trends of the streaming platform – currently in sixth place in the catalog.

The story follows a woman named Nadja who is traveling with her son. You are boarding a flight from Germany to New York in the USA. At first glance, this woman seems terminally ill and the trip is for treatment.

The plot quickly becomes supernatural, however – when viewers realize that she is indeed a vampire. Despite this unlikely fact, the trip could have gone well and without anyone noticing its condition had it not been for a terrorist group.

A group of criminals are trying to take control of the plane and blaming some Muslim passengers for what is happening. What these terrorists didn’t expect is a deadly vampire on board – who will eventually turn them into vampires too.

The atmosphere is suffocating and claustrophobic, the danger is real, and it mixes everyday elements with supernatural themes. If you’re curious about the more aesthetic side of vampirism in this film, you know that Nadja wears a wig (which indicates a lack of hair) and has pointy ears. These are its most important physical properties.

“Blood Red Sky” was directed and co-written by Peter Thorwarth. The cast includes Peri Baumeister, Carl Anton Koch, Dominic Purcell, Graham McTavish, Alexander Scheer, Kais Setti, Kai Ivo Baulitz and Roland Møller.

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