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The unlikely transformation and new powers of Luffy and Zoro in the new chapter

If the Friday April 9th ​​manga news turned to the final chapter of Attack on Titan, Chapter 1010 of One Piece was still able to create the event. Indeed, this is a real turning point in the history of our favorite heroes!

Warning: Of course, this article contains a lot of loot. We encourage you to be up to date as you read the chapters published in Japan.

Phenomenal power

A lot has happened since Luffy landed on Wano Kuni in Chapter 910. Although “Wano Kuni” is one of the longest arcs in the history of the famous manga, it is driven with a bang by an Eiichiro Oda who has his means. And it is not the readers of the previous chapter who will contradict us.

As the samurai rebellion rages on, Luffy, Zoro, Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid and Killer battle Kaido and Big Mom. It’s been a long time since One Piece treated us to such a hectic fight: Although it has only just begun, The missions in this battle, in which five of the eleven Supernovas take on two New World emperors, are just as impressive as those from War to Summit, in which the Whitebeard forces fought against the forces of the Navy.

As powerful as Luffy and his allies were, the battle became tough. Kaido and Big Mom have already proven their power: the two former members of the Rocks crew are real monsters, and the first confrontation between Kaido and Luffy had already shown us the incredible power and resistance of the emperor who is the straw hat captain in one fell swoop, despite its premium of 1.5 billion berries.

However, Chapter 1010 sounds like a turning point in the path that Luffy and Zoro have traveled. Indeed, the two friends show the incredible progress they have made so far. First, Zoro manages to deeply wound Kaido with a new attack: “Kiki Kyûtôryû – Ashura Bakkei – Môja No Tawamure”, translated as “Demonic spirit – style with nine blades – Badineries from Beyond Tombs”. An expanded name but devastating as Zoro manages to inflict a monumental wound on the emperor despite being known as the most powerful creature in the world.

Zoro’s technique is so powerful that Kaido wonders if the swordsman on the Straw Hat crew might not also be armed with the kings’ haki. Although Zoro declares “Not to the best of my knowledge” before fainting, taking into account the Taumler’s usual ignorance, it does not seem impossible to us that he is actually equipped with it.

But of course the most impressive level remains that of Luffy. After the captain of Mugiwara was knocked down a second time by Kaido, he managed to get up. When he finally understands how the technique, which he has tried to master since his first defeat against Kaido, works, he succeeds in “putting on the haki of kings”. That way, he can find it hard to hit the emperor without touching him. The blows Luffy lands on the Captain of the Hundred Beasts crew are incredibly effective!

Aside from the impressive scenes we’ve just seen, this level-up of Luffy and Zoro brings the Captain and his second even closer to Gold Roger and Silvers Rayleigh, the Pirate Lord and the Dark Lord. We remember that during the Sabaody Bow, Gold showed Rogers’ lieutenant that he too had mastered the Haki of Kings.

You will understand that this level-up has nothing to do with the previous advancement of our heroes: never before have Luffy and Zoro looked so much like the crew of Gold Roger. We can’t wait to discover the turmoil caused by Luffy’s victory over Kaido and how Marine Ford and public opinion will see the already known Fifth Emperor after the events of Wano Kuni.


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