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The unlikely story of how a fan created the Pôr do Sol online shop

Since it opened on August 16, “Pôr do Sol” has been a television sensation. RTP1’s “novela” satirizes the format of telenovelas with an absurd story, dazzling dialogues and pop allusions that are difficult to find in national fiction.

It quickly gained cult status and became one of the most talked about topics on social networks in Portugal, especially on Twitter. Memes and shared pictures are rich in narrative phrases or jokes.

In addition to the songs by the band Jesus Quisto, which hit Spotify and Apple Music, an online shop with merchandise items was launched last Friday, August 27th. The most curious thing is that this is not a project by the authors of “Pôr do Sol”, but an idea that came up after a few memes written by fan – and freelance graphic designer – Telma Tavares, who runs Eat Your Cake, have shared on Twitter website.

After watching the episode in which Madalena Bourbon de Linseed tells her brother-in-law Simão Bourbon de Linseed to be banned from embroidering the family’s nickname on a pole, Telma Tavares was amused and decided to literally say, “Bourbon de Linseed . to write ”over the top image of a black polo – and also created the design of an orange ice cream in a whiskey glass as it appears in the novel.

The picture was shared on social networks and eventually reached Rui Melo, the actor who plays the villain Simão Bourbon de Linhaça and is one of the authors of the original idea of ​​“Pôr do Sol”.

“It was completely unexpected. I usually do these pranks on Twitter and they stay on Twitter. What happened was that someone shared the stories on Instagram and it reached one of the writers on the series, Rui Melo, and he asked who was the author of this meme, this picture, ”Telma Tavares told NiT.

“Then they came to speak to me on Twitter and said there was this interest [de criar uma linha de merchandise] and in the end I talked to Rui Melo. Later on, Manuel Pureza also sent me a message on Instagram asking me to contact me and at the end of the day he called me to tell me that he was interested in moving this project forward, that they already had some t-shirts that have been designed by the designer. [produtora] Stray coyote. They didn’t have availability for this type of project, but they asked if I would be interested in partnering and last week, Friday night, we launched the site. I did it in record time, ”says the graphic designer.

With the approval of the creators of the series – and with some designs specially created for the production, written by the designer Cristina França from Coyote Vadio – Forevers and Evers, the more or less official online merchandise store of “Pôr do Sun”, was born.

“It all happened very quickly, it’s going really well and people love it. We’ll send the first ones later this week. They are currently being produced. ”At this point, more than half of the inventory has already been sold.

When the shop opened, it also held out of print items for free, such as the Colar de São Cajó (which has been in the bourbon linseed family for over 3,500 years) and the testicle horse. They then had to be removed from the page, but the images were shared on the project’s Instagram page, which has now been created.

“Everyone loved this part and we got a lot of messages but I had problems with the payment methods because of it. The shop was set up on Shopify, but when the gentlemen of the banks looked at the payment issues we are talking about foreign people who have no idea what we are talking about, they closed the payment part of the website [risos]. I was Tuesday and Wednesday without Visa, MasterCard, ApplePay, only PayPal and MB Way. They asked me to remove all jokes even though the items were sold out [risos]. “

Telma Tavares says she has already received many orders for t-shirts, but a personalized offer is impossible. “I could make hundreds of different t-shirts with what people ask of me. They send me messages on Instagram saying, I really want one that says ‘Beavers in Loves’ or ‘Santa’s Afternoon, Working Class’ but in red. Everyone has their own preferences and wants a personalized t-shirt. That’s not possible, is it? But yes, the dialogues are super rich – I think I could make ten different T-shirts out of each episode [risos]. “

The designer says that she loves the script and that it took her completely by surprise, as she is not even used to looking at national fiction. “I’m 40 years old, I belong to the generation whose idol was Herman José, I left school and went home every day to see ‘Roda da Sorte’ and I think this mood is very similar , also because the author was there in Produções Fictícias. It has what I like and what makes me laugh: the nonsense and the completely absurd dialogues. The part of being great actors, playing very serious roles and saying crazy things makes me laugh and I think that’s why it was such a sensation. And it’s unexpected. I don’t usually watch Portuguese fiction, I’ve never seen a Portuguese soap opera, and even some productions that I know were good – like “Último a Sair” – I haven’t followed. For me it was very surprising to have such a good program. “

The future of Forevers and Evers is uncertain for the time being. Telma Tavares says it will depend on the public’s reaction to the products, but assures that there will be no new releases as long as this inventory exists. The latest news was released on Monday, August 30th, just as the “Who Killed Narciso?

“There is a possibility that there will be a ‘Who Has the Daffodil’ cap later? and there is also interest in selling mugs but we are still seeing how this can be done in terms of packaging, we are not sure yet. I have no idea if there will be season 2 or not. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t make sense for the site to be online for much longer, does it? So the idea is to really enjoy it while the show goes on and maybe another week or two and then probably … we’ll see people accept it soon, it might sell out through the week and we can go to one Second wagering phase, but a lot depends on it. It was all very sudden, it had to be done very quickly to enjoy while the show was on. Let’s see what we will do next. “

Via “Pôr do Sol” you can find out who Henrique Dias is, the screenwriter who creates the dialogues and jokes; Take the opportunity to read NiT’s review of the first few episodes; and find out what actor Diogo Amaral has to say about his successful experience. And of course, you can’t miss the Jesus Kisto themes.


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