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the unexpected life of Tom Hanks’ son

“Okay, let’s face it – 99 percent of you wouldn’t use a shampoo that wasn’t FDA approved, but you are ready to get an experimental injection from the government,” he shot in a video posted on social media has been published. “There is more evidence that UFOs are real than that the vaccine is good for us.”

This was just one of the bizarre episodes in the life of Chet Hanks, the son of one of the most beloved men in the American public – it was no accident that he was nicknamed the “Father of America” ​​- and which has proven to be all but consensual Figure. It’s kind of an ugly duckling in the Hanks family, by the way.

Chet’s anti-vaccine stance gets weird after the activism of his parents, Tom and Rita Wilson, who were among the first famous people to be infected and hospitalized. In the weeks that followed, they publicly called for action to be taken against the pandemic. Even that didn’t deter Hanks’ son, actor, and rapper, who clearly didn’t come out to his parents – or brothers.

Colin is perhaps the most famous heir. At 43 he is already a well-known actor with roles in “Mad Men” or “Fargo”. Together with Elizabeth – also an actress and producer – it is the offspring of Tom Hanks’ first marriage.

Chet (Chester) was the first child of the relationship with Rita Wilson, with whom he would have another child, Truman, more discreetly but also with some secondary involvement in film productions.

In turn, Chester also used the power of the nickname to risk some actor roles. He has appeared on several episodes of “Shameless,” “Empire,” and “Your Honor,” but as a hip-hop artist, he wasn’t noticed for the best of reasons.

The two careers started almost simultaneously. He was still a student when he picked up the first subject under the name Chet Haze. Fortunately and unfortunately, his nickname got him more attention than he intended and he was accused of plagiarism.

He shrugged at the accusation. “Because it didn’t get as popular as mine,” says de Mo Greene, author of the similar topic, in an interview with “Vice” in 2011, in his debut year as a musician. “I know that the fact that my music is getting so much attention has to do with being Tom Hanks’ son. I’m grateful, but sometimes it can lead to strange moments in life, ”he said.

Four years later, his attitude became the subject of conversation and controversy again when he repeatedly used the word “nigga,” a term derived from “nigger,” on a new topic. [preto] Often used among blacks and in hip-hop, but viewed as very derogatory by whites.

Hanks countered the inevitable avalanche of criticism aggressively. In an Instagram response full of insults such as “blacks” and “females”, he attacks the envious and later defends the use of the word.

In 2015, in a fit of rage, he destroyed a hotel room in London with an estimated damage of around 1,500 euros. Why? He later defended himself in a video shared on social networks in which he admitted he was admitted to a rehab clinic.

“I sold and used cocaine for a few months until I couldn’t sniff because my nose was already completely covered,” he said. “I even smoked crack. But if I can change, so can you. There is a solution.”

Part of the blame was that he was exactly Tom Hanks’ son. “It’s been a long journey for me to find out who I am, the result of all the pressures I’ve endured in my life, my father’s son and all of that to understand where I belong,” he said.

He would come back to the subject later, as he was clearly uncomfortable with his father’s legacy. “If I invented the cure for cancer, there would be an article that said, ‘Tom Ganks’ son invents the cure for cancer,’ you know what I’m saying? It’s inevitable, ”he revealed in an interview in 2019.

The racist polemics would also be addressed later, but this time with Hanks accepting the mistake. “First of all, I did a lot of drugs,” he remarked in a 2018 interview. “I wanted to be cool, you know? I felt like I didn’t belong. Subconsciously and in retrospect, I realize that I would come. I thought that saying something nonsense and doing something crazy could help my career. And in the end, I did the stupidest thing. That shit wasn’t cool at all. ”

Since then there has been no record of new abuses of the word, but the polemics have not subsided over it. First on the red carpet at the 2020 Golden Globes, a ceremony where his father received the Cecille B. DeMille Career Award. Outside, Chet taped a video that mimicked a Jamaican accent.

And in 2021 the introduction of his new topic caused again controversy. Chet Hanks decreed that this would be “White Boys Summer,” a statement that went badly on social media – and worse when the merchandising came out. The use of a Gothic font, often used by white nationalists, reignited controversy.

While all of this was happening, the last case exploded, which would tarnish the image of Tom Hanks’ son for good. In January, a court approved a motion from his ex-girlfriend forcing him to stay away from him after an alleged marriage fight.

Kiana Parker told police that Hanks attacked her in a New Orleans hotel while recording “Your Honor”. During the confrontation, Chet broke her cell phone, threw bottles and warned her that no one would ever believe in you: “You’re just a black goat from the neighborhood,” he reportedly said.

It wasn’t all. Hanks reportedly attacked her again while Parker was getting her things from her house. He even drew a knife during the discussion, which resulted in a physical altercation. Hanks would star in another of his controversial videos in which he accused her of assaulting him. “She’s crazy because I caught her stealing, took my money, my credit cards that I used to pay the rent,” she explained with a bloody face.

A lawsuit ensued, in which Hanks sued Kiana for assault and robbery. In the meantime, a court has withdrawn his permission to wield and wield a weapon. The answer was not long in coming, and a month later came the counterclaim, in which Kiana Parker accused Hanks of several assault cases.

Whatever the outcome of the litigation, it’s unlikely that Hanks will disappear from the headlines anytime soon. In addition to the recent slurs against the Covid-19 vaccine, he has returned to television to touch all the wounds of his past. He was proud of his Jamaican patois, reiterating his desire to make this summer the white children’s summer, and complaining again about his childhood nicknamed Hanks. “People assume that I lived a super privileged life and that was not the case. It was just the opposite. I didn’t even get pocket money, ”he said in an interview. “I don’t know if I’m the richest of the poor children or the poorest of the rich children.”


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