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the ultimate NAS hard drive that far outperforms all of its competitors

The years go by and the digital files get bigger and bigger. Although storage space has also increased in volume, it can be relatively expensive and impractical to store large numbers of files on fast hard drives. There is a solution that allows you to store terabytes of data simply and easily accessible: NAS (for Network Attached Storage). And in this game, the IronWolf Pro 20 TB is the best on the market.

AS IN? Quesako?

Individuals and professionals often choose NAS servers to securely store their data while allowing themselves the luxury of being able to access it remotely. In addition, this data can be viewed by multiple users. An identifier and a password are required to visit them, a secure access accompanied by other privileges such as the possibility of multiplying the memory slots. Even better, if one hard drive fails, another hard drive takes over, allowing constant and secure access to your data.

Whether alone or in a team, the NAS is therefore a particularly suitable solution for storing data. Note that installing a NAS is extremely easy. A quick and easy installation that is not only intended for techies or connoisseurs. A storage system for everyone that still requires some financial investment. Still, the advantages are numerous and tend to overshadow the few disadvantages.

Best hard drive for NAS

As mentioned above, NAS storage still requires one or more hard drives. It is therefore necessary to resort to good hard drives to obtain adequate performance. And in this game, Seagate’s IronWolf Pro 20 TB is the undisputed leader. This specialized hard drive for NAS in CMR HDD is equipped with AgileArray firmware that offers excellent reliability in RAID environments while being able to support intensive workloads.

A 20TB capacity SATA 6Gbps 7200rpm hard drive that benefits from consistent performance thanks to onboard rotational vibration sensors. A technology that therefore offers little latency or interruption in service. Capable of supporting a user workload of 300TB/year, this hard drive for NAS is perfect for both individual storage and group projects.

As an icing on the cake, the product warranty is extended to five years while the data recovery services are valid for three years. A 20TB NAS hard drive that offers the best user experience based on your needs and budget. A perfect user experience combined with a budget-friendly price.


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