The trailer of hot new stories will get you hot

If you’ve followed the first three seasons of the hit series Elite, be sure to check out the season four trailer, which features new characters while retaining some original protagonists (like Miguel or Guzman, for example). Well, Netflix has finally responded to your request and just released a trailer for the long-awaited new season. You will see: the latter is pretty hot.

Elite season 4

Season 4 of Elite will be released on Netflix on June 18th and will bring with it a few new characters to help start the story over. For those who are still attached to the initial characters like Carla or Nadia, do not worry: From June 14th to 17th, special episodes will be published under the name “Elite: Short Stories”. For the new characters, the EliteNetflix Twitter account took care of the transmission of pictures to all fans of the series:

Welcome to the Élite family @manuriosfdez, Carla Díaz, Martina Cariddi & @polgranch.

20th July 2020

Season four of Elite kicks off immediately after these unreleased episodes and is now being clarified thanks to a new trailer that tells us even more about the roles of the new characters.

Season 4 trailer

Without further ado, here is the season 4 trailer, which turns out to be even sexier than the one from previous seasons:

What do you think of this trailer? Do you want her to want to see Elite Season 4? Do not hesitate to answer our question via our survey or our comment section! And if this trailer wasn’t enough for you, you might want to dive into something equally Caliente, namely the adult thriller 365 Dni, which returns to Netflix in several sequels.

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