The trailer for the last season of “After Life” is out

Prepare the scarves: The trailer for the final season of “After Life” is out

In this third chapter we follow Tony as he spreads his father’s ashes in multiple places with a mixture of humor and emotion.

The third season of “After Life” starts on January 14th on Netflix. With the date getting closer and closer, the first trailer for the project with Ricky Gervais in the lead role was finally released – and it continues to make us laugh and thrill at the same time.

In the short video, we can see that much of the third season will follow Tony as he spreads his father’s ashes in various iconic locations, such as a pub he used to go to. “It was your last wish.”

Another of the characters explains the reasoning of this British series in a very characteristic register: “There are angels, but they have no wings and they do not live in clouds. If you want to be an angel, you have to do it in your lifetime. Be good. It does good ”.

Set in Tambury, a fictional village, “After Life” follows Tony, a local newspaper writer whose life changes after his wife dies of cancer. As you struggle with a great loss, you begin to realize that doing good deeds and helping people can be the only valid reasons to move on.

Read NiT’s season two review and find out how Ricky Gervais’ personal life influenced this project. Also because, as he says, of all the roles in his career, this is the closest thing to his real life.

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