The tragic story behind the Oscars’ most emotional speech (yet)


The tragic story behind the Oscars’ most emotional speech (yet)

“Another Round” won the Oscar for best international film and director Thomas Vinterberg received the award.

Thomas Vinterberg traveled with his wife.

The Danish production “Mais uma Rounda” has just won the Oscar for best international film at the world’s largest cinema awards. In Los Angeles, USA, the director Thomas Vinterberg (who is also nominated for the Oscar for best director) received the award.

In the most emotional speech of the night so far, Vinterberg recalled the personal tragic story of this film, which will open in Portuguese cinemas next Thursday, April 29th.

It is the first film that Vinterberg has made with actor Mads Mikkelsen since the acclaimed “The Hunt” in 2012. This is a story about four teachers at a Danish school who are in a stressful routine – especially the protagonist Martin, whose character Mikkelsen – who leaves them without the spirit to live life both personally and professionally.

After hearing a theory by a Norwegian psychologist about the alcohol deficit people have in their blood – supposedly a rate of 0.5 was ideal for being uninhibited and at the height of our productivity and excitement – the four of them begin this experiment . Ironically, the rule applies that they can only drink during work hours. They need to measure their blood alcohol levels to see if they are the right level or if they need to have another glass.

This somewhat surrealistic premise causes the four teachers to change their behavior in classrooms and in their relationships with families at home – obviously this will also lead the film to explore the tragic problems that alcoholism can cause.

However, this is not an anti-alcohol film at all. Most of all, it’s a story about how to be awake all your life, doing your best every day – in this case, it happens to be alcoholic beverages.

But behind this lively narrative (albeit with deeply dramatic moments in between) lies a true story of tragedy. The idea for “Another Round” was born when Thomas Vinterberg received an American Hollywood screenwriter in Denmark. The screenwriter met the director’s teenage daughter, Ida, and they exchanged a few words in a conversation that would be noticeable to the filmmaker.

“She met my daughter and asked: So what are you doing today?” Said Thomas Vinterberg in an interview with “Vulture”. “And she replied: I will let the lake run. And the scriptwriter asked: what is it? And she replied: Ah, we have to walk around the lake and empty a beer stand. And this American looks at me and asks: When are you going to interfere? She is only 17 years old. And I start laughing because I’m used to getting kids drunk on the street. “

“And then she says: But won’t you get sick? And my daughter: Well, if we throw up, we’ll take some time out. The scriptwriter becomes restless and asks: What about the police? And my daughter: Ah, but the teachers are there! And suddenly I realized that this was a mirror in front of my company. I had to watch it, ”continued the director.

Often referred to as one of the countries in the world – or “the” country – with the highest degree of happiness, Denmark is also one of the countries where teenagers are more likely to consume alcoholic beverages.

So Thomas Vinterberg decided to join this performance and show what the life of young people is like in Danish schools – the sea race is one of the scenes in the film – but above all, to tell the story from the point of view of the teachers, four mature ones Adults who are already not used to drinking regularly, but who found the possible key to their problems there. And it examines the generational relationship between the different characters.

When Ida first read the script while on a trip to Africa, Ida wrote her father how she loved this story. The film was even shot in the director’s daughter’s classroom at his school, and some of his friends were extras. And Ida would appear in production to play Martin’s teenage daughter, the protagonist.

Only a tragic car accident left her lifeless four days after filming began. It was a shock. Vinterberg received a call from Belgium from his ex-wife. She was driving the car on the freeway when another vehicle, whose driver was distracted by the cell phone, caused the fatal collision. Ida Vinterberg was only 19 years old.

“When she died, I was surrounded by psychiatrists and they said to me: If you can eat and bathe and if you can look people in the eyes without crying, you should probably go back to work,” the director said in the same interview. “Vulture”.

“And I said I can’t do it. Because I’ve always cried and still am. Then I spoke to Mads Mikkelsen and the editor and asked ourselves: How can we make a film about four drunk people when this happened? But we couldn’t refuse because we knew that Ida, my daughter, would hate it if we gave up the film because of her. So it became very important to us that this film became an affirmation of life that it was much more than just drinking. We did it to honor her memory. I don’t think I will regret it. “

The film ends with a dedication to Ida Vinterberg, who was crucial in the development of the script, as a teenager who lived a life together in Denmark with experiences like running on the lake. The character who wanted to play was excluded from the plot.