The top 20 tweets at the end of the second season of The Boys

Warning: These top tweets contain plenty of references and loot for the entire second season of The Boys. If you don’t want to be pampered, we recommend that you stop reading here.

Season 2 of The Boys started with a bang and exploded into a soaring finale. With the popcorn party of Episode 7 and the turnaround of Episode 8, the end of season 2 of The Boys likely kept its promises. What did internet users say? Some are conquered, others believe that shortcuts may have been made by the end of the season. Still, certain sequences are unanimous, like this interesting parallel between Butcher and Homelander in the final episode of the season (and all of the scenes Antony Starr plays in general). Here is a small collection of the reactions posted on social networks regarding this second season. There is something for every taste!

# 1 RIP Stormfront

The Hitek surprise bag!

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But you’re not ready for this conversation #TheBoys

October 9, 2020

# 2 YES BUT … he can do what he wants

For your viewing pleasure #TheBoys

October 10, 2020

# 3 what an actress!

and the Oscar goes to … # TheBoys

October 9, 2020

# 4 Please?

“It’s called white genocide”



October 9, 2020

# 5 suddenly, good ad or not really?

Even in The Boys we can literally see a Nazi recommending PewDiePie.

October 2, 2020

# 6 the real cheater was elsewhere

Today’s chapter #theboys @TheBoysTV

October 9, 2020

# 7 a politician who isn’t afraid of anything

Congresswoman Victoria Neuman #TheBoys #TheBoysTV

October 9, 2020

# 8 We have the referees

It’s a yo-yo reference. #TheBoysTV #TheBoys

October 9, 2020

# 9 Yeah, that’s exactly what we’re going to do

The #TheBoysTV season two finale is live NOW. We don’t want to see any spoilers. We warn you …

October 9, 2020

# 10 not nice to the Nazis

How to Talk to Nazis #TheBoys

October 9, 2020

# 11 The French love rugby, so we love it too

The writers of #TheBoys: How can you subtly remember after 16 episodes that Frenchie is French?

Costume designer and props:

October 9, 2020

# 12, however, we would have put a small ticket on it

No, unlike the Schein, #TheBoys is not sponsored by @LesProLaitiers.

October 7, 2020

# 13 an allergy and ciao bambini

Black Nior can beat Batman

Batman: #TheBoys

October 7, 2020

# 14 And yes, she made us good

I’m trying to find out who’s making heads explode #TheBoys #TheBoysTV

October 7, 2020

# 15 it smokes

A bit of a common fate between the two #TheBoys:

October 10, 2020

# 16 it really smokes, grilled pig mode

Homelander and Stormfront are like: #TheBoysTV

October 9, 2020

# 17 Fat is life

Nobody :
really nobody:
Toulouse residents: #TheBoys

October 10, 2020

# 18 the little music we wanted to hum too

“Nazi Stormfront Hitler Star, run them over with your car” #TheBoys #TheBoysTV

October 9, 2020

# 19 he wasn’t ready


Absolutely nobody:

Stormfront to Homelanders boys: “

Homelander for the first time in his life: #TheBoysTV

October 9, 2020

# 20 looking for sexy gills!

The fish man or the prank man?

We found his DolphinFans profile. #TheBoys

October 6, 2020

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