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The top 15 tweets of the week #349

Anyone who says new week inevitably says new top tweets. Time for us to gather for the 349th pick of the top tweets of the week. On the menu: Valentine’s Day, the particularly windy weather of the past few days, and the usual delirium of Twittos. A 349th pick covering the week of February 14th to 20th, 2022 inclusive.

#1 geography to check

I’m sure Americans think Wakanda and Sokovia that we see in Marvel movies are real countries/cities mdrr

February 15, 2022

#2 Transition to adulthood

G 32 years old and I just ordered my first printer from Amazon. She’s just mine, my printer.
I will print stuff with it. I think. It will be wonderful.

February 15, 2022

#3 Sharing, fair play, street football

Euphoria: incites young people to drugs, sex, and deviant behavior

foot 2 street: train and play sports with respect with your friends

February 16, 2022

#4 Face Offense

I’m in court with a lawyer, they mistook me for a delinquent while I’m the intern lol nice that

February 18, 2022

#5 Life Builders had it all planned

I weigh 53 kg, the wind is so strong that I can’t move forward. I’m freezing, it looks like I’ve reached the end of the map

February 18, 2022

#6 A Ventine in the Southwest

How is this called? I personally say “bread on the wind” pic.twitter.com/dMcSXxU62w

February 20, 2022

#7 faster than 14

I’m not saying it’s very windy in Paris today. Just saying if you cough up Place de la Concorde you can easily give COVID to someone located under the Arc de Triomphe.
That’s all.

February 18, 2022

#8 a roommate who will definitely end up as a sausage

Apparently the 3 little pigs are roommates pic.twitter.com/bVGiCVUW4q

February 16, 2022

#9 from stabi to checkout it’s just one step

In 2003 I was working on a building site in Bondy and a kid of 4-5 came over to talk to us about football, he said he was going to be world champion, in my head I was like ‘yeah ok that’s it “. Well, that boy was… Léo Joubert, and I was right, he works at Lidl d’Aulnay now.

February 15, 2022

#10 Moral of the story: the seaplane

I already have my best moment of the day.

Two 6 or 7 year old boys are discussing who is stronger in the boat versus plane battle.

And one last thing: your plane is out of gas, it’s crashing, my boat is out of gas, it’s floating.

February 19, 2022

#11 a marriage contract?

is it about signing a contract? https://t.co/NymESETkjc

February 14, 2022

#12 complicated end of the evening for Nagini

And suddenly, in the middle of Paris, silence, pic.twitter.com/Ws1r9Jh6N8

February 14, 2022

#13 and we will all speak Russian

The saddest thing about all of this is that 20 years from now, when we say we survived a pandemic followed by thermonuclear war, we will be confronted with a great myth

February 18, 2022

#14 it brings you €1500

The mechanic who explains to me where my 205 breaks down is from pic.twitter.com/aBMvq9acBv

February 15, 2022

#15 creating a new sport?

This man is a genius. pic.twitter.com/7a2KT38sWi

February 16, 2022

A 349th top tweet of the week, ending here, only to start again next week. But if you want to extend the pleasure by discovering or rediscovering last week’s selections, here it is.


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