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The top 15 tweets of the week #348

This new week of love begins with Valentine’s Day this Monday, February 14th, before you think of flowers and chocolates, we offer you your weekly moment of relaxation with the 348th edition of our top tweets of the week. As every week, our community managers monitored social networks to select tweets that have flagged or reacted in the last seven days. This 348th pick is for the week of February 7-14, 2022.

#1 Everyone at their own pace

My mother told me that at your age I already have 4 children, I answered that it’s good

February 13, 2022

#2 Whoever did this ends up in the gulag

Best distraction of the meeting @Macron-#Poutine #MacronPutinpic.twitter.com/DJcwv551bV

February 7, 2022

#3 Oh the meatball

Sharing an office with a messy spouse also means finding a reservation at a nice seaside hotel for the next week.
Either he surprises me or he deceives me: answer in a few days!

February 10, 2022

#4 How to make yourself even more upset

Come on let’s create the thread of the worst phrases in the world I’ll start:

“Yes, okay, but where did you lose it?”

February 7, 2022

#5 It’s a plan like any other

She told me come on let’s watch a movie on Discord for Valentine’s Day it’s so crazy

February 12, 2022

#6 Genius of the Week

Do these people think a sommelier is coming to give them a blood card or what? pic.twitter.com/2XVUgWo8JG

February 13, 2022

#7 Squeezie makes the money!

You think too much that a good guy will have to wait for me to tell you when he stole €600 from me for an iPhone on Insta

February 13, 2022

#8 Legend says no

Do we ever leave the Châtelet through the exit we chose?

February 8, 2022

#9 It’s a good start

I made my psychiatrist cry, I think we’re making good progress.

February 7, 2022

#10 You too?

The sport. https://t.co/4pS1QsyqyS

February 7, 2022

#11 It’s a lot less street all of a sudden

But actually Sofiane’s Verlan is not Fianso at all, but Anne-Sophie

February 9, 2022

#12 Have you also been traumatized by Alsatian villages?

Alsatians name their cities pic.twitter.com/ZmfYksUwTF

February 9, 2022

#13 The intern strikes again

“Michel, did you modify the sample lines?” pic.twitter.com/ZGmdl60CvN

February 11, 2022

#14 Welcome to Paris!

Blocking Paris with cars is good, but done. It’s called Paris…
I let her sit in a Paris traffic jam for an hour before heading back to the provinces.

February 10, 2022

#15 Think about your grandmothers

I called my grandma to ask if I could come over tomorrow, she invited me to dinner and when I hung up I heard her say “Youpiiiii”.

February 12, 2022

So much for these new top tweets. See you next week for a new selection. In the meantime, here’s where you can still discover or rediscover last week’s 347th pick.


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