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The top 15 tweets of the week #347

Like every Monday, we offer you a selection of the tweets that made us laugh the most in the past week. To get your week off to a great start, check out our 347th edition of our weekly top tweets! And like every week, our Community Managers have been keeping an eye on the grain to bring you a small selection that they know the secret of. As a reminder, this 347th pick is for the week of January 31, 2022 to February 7, 2022.

#1 you’re teasing around here

Livret A is at 1% ptn catching Hidalgo

February 1, 2022

#2 gives this genius baker a prize

The chicken and avocado sandwich pic.twitter.com/vFtzAaXMpi

February 4, 2022

#3 So we all have the same kind of mothers?

Is it the pancake police?! pic.twitter.com/qXhKLn4p4C

February 3, 2022

#4 “You’re a desert guy, aren’t you?”

Shocked, a college girl asked me if the reason I like to dress in beige/brown is because it reminds me of the desert and camels????? pic.twitter.com/4p56vLtgQr

February 1, 2022

#5 They’re still the best jokes in the world

The equivalent of “What?” “Fire” pic.twitter.com/IractUmObL

February 1, 2022

#6 Batman loses control

100 km/h maximum? Ptdrrr batman, he is passed by clio 3 with golmon under balloons, he becomes https://t.co/yFNxe0Q61D rleh

February 4, 2022

#7 Always prepare for the worst

I stick to Twitter because I tell myself if there’s ever a zombie attack, this network will be the first to know.

January 30, 2022

#8 we don’t conjugate his name please

I’m getting her so drunk with the infinitive right now that I have a student named KAPRÉ who wrote KAPRER on his paper.

February 3, 2022

#9 We want to know the end before we die, that’s a cry from the heart

Hello @EmmanuelMacron Can one wait until the end of One Piece before triggering a WW3 or French Revolution?
it can disrupt the rhythm of publishing the chapters. thank you

February 2, 2022

#10 Cats judge us

This pic makes me laugh too hard pic.twitter.com/4uHurHg0NJ

February 1, 2022

#11 a nice tribute to Gilles

I laughed pic.twitter.com/UgfK3S2dCC

February 2, 2022

#12 Hope brings life

Primary: I hope to be 20
High school: I hope to have more than 10
University: Hopefully

February 1, 2022

#13 That Original Rat Denounces Himself!

During a live a guy gave me a 1st donation today i open paypal my head im q i see he disputed me wsh how do you dispute 1 ball It’s the original rat I’m disgusted with

February 5, 2022

#14 We wouldn’t want to be there

My brother goes to the Zemmour meeting in Lille and my mother is at the anti-Zemmour demonstration in the same city.

Just to save a trip, they go together.

I can’t imagine the atmosphere in the car.

February 5, 2022

#15 it stings a bit

Netflix only suggests 62% of my own show

February 1, 2022

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