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The top 15 tweets of the week #346

It’s Monday and a Monday without the top tweets of the week, that’s like a raclette without cheese, that doesn’t exist! With the 346th edition of our top tweets of the week, we offer you your weekly dose of relaxation. As every week, our community managers looked across social networks to select tweets that made you laugh and react in the last 7 days. This 346th pick is for the week of January 24-31, 2022.

#1 Everything will be known one day

My mom found a 4/20 rated issue of SVT hidden in a Tintin comic in her library and twenty years later she just yelled at me on the phone.

January 25, 2022

#2 Pun of the week

Oh zai thought I saw a big Niney pic.twitter.com/YF7KFNEjqd

January 23, 2022

#3 With this I keep my sporting resolution

Finally an exercise at my height pic.twitter.com/DtU8Zdng2B

January 25, 2022

#4 It’s not wrong

An ugly video game that we enjoy will always fulfill its main function, which is to be playful and entertaining, much more than a sublime video game that we get bored with.

January 30, 2022

#5 This is a revolution!

Apple finally included an emoji for beer drinkers pic.twitter.com/nc1pnxrKUQ

January 29, 2022

#6 The worst feeling

I hate thinking, “I have a meeting at 4:00, so I can’t do anything all day.”

January 25, 2022

#7 But it’s so true!

Looks like a #CroisonsLes between Arthur and Keanu Reeves. https://t.co/AqZe5xufTA

January 27, 2022

#8 Good luck

it’s getting harder and harder pic.twitter.com/ZgpuAlDMG2

January 25, 2022

#9 This way you don’t have to listen to music anymore

The sound AirPods make when they run out of battery is killing my ears

January 27, 2022

#10 You will fall from above

I just did a retirement simulation, don’t do this at home alone.

January 29, 2022

#11 Our townspeople have talent

My guy he said “look at a white dove” it was a seagull.. damn townsman his dead

January 26, 2022

#12 Is it a serious doctor?

People who have a female cat and manage to talk about it by saying “my cat” in a normal sentence without laughing have a level of maturity that I would never reach

January 27, 2022

#13 This little one will go far!

A little guy with his father:
-Han Dad, they have the Demon Slayer Volume 20! can you buy it for me
-No, you already had a manga yesterday
– But this one is super rare, they only have it here
– Good, okay

Well done little one. Demon Slayer t20 is the least rare in the universe

January 27, 2022

#14 The same fight

Not to brag, but I’m doing No Sport January with flying colors. Judgment Sunday, but it smells very good. Stay tuned

January 28, 2022

#15 adult life

Since it’s no longer my parents who give me my video games, it’s true that €60 Nintendo is frankly a hoax

January 30, 2022

So much for these new top tweets. See you next week for a new selection. In the meantime, here’s where you can still discover or rediscover last week’s 345th pick.


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