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The top 15 tweets of the week #344

It’s Monday and who says Monday says top tweets of the week on Hitek.fr. We offer you your weekly relaxation pastille with the 344th edition of our top tweets of the week. As always, our community managers scoured social media to find tweets you’ve tagged and responded to in the last 7 days. This 344th pick is for the week of January 10-17, 2022.

#1 It’s not wrong

French people who say, “I’m going to burn out, I’m on the verge of depression,” they say, “Listen, it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s waaaa lot of work, but it’s ok, it is vaaa….. it’s ok”

January 15, 2022

#2 What I tell myself every Monday morning

My biggest fantasy of what would really turn me on in bed is a full night of restful sleep

January 12, 2022

#3 The big mess in the schools

– Very simple: If a student has a contact case, his parents drive a Renault with a number plate ending in an even number and in a department whose letter begins with a D, 3 self-tests are sufficient. For others, it all depends on reference tax income pic.twitter.com/QFWC7Kp4Tz

January 10, 2022

#4 It’s beautiful

I just saw my dad take a screenshot on his own, they grow up so fast

January 7, 2022

#5 They rework the map of France

We no longer hear about people becoming magnets because of the vaccine. Certainly all the dead stuck between two Le Gaulois magnets on their fridge.

January 14, 2022

#6 New film by Christian Clavier

He’s vaccinated
She is unvaccinated
And yet
You will fall in love
And discover that they aren’t all that different after all
And the reptilians control the WHO

January 10, 2022

#7 Oh the meatball

I tell my husband to buy FFP2 masks for work and take an invoice so I can get reimbursed from my box pic.twitter.com/RQX4Gn9Cl3

January 10, 2022

#8 Oh the dumpling, the return

My father worked in security

I had gone through her things and used her perfume

(it was a gas and I went to the ER) https://t.co/4EL6w74cBa

January 10, 2022

#9 Don’t cheat on Wolverine’s sister

His girl is wolverine brother what is that https://t.co/MC6VPlAf8O

January 11, 2022

#10 Woo woo, another genius

Who did this, I will cry???? pic.twitter.com/64kzW8MTW7

January 12, 2022

#11 But why actually?

Real men don’t use roles https://t.co/owziQijUZi

January 12, 2022

#12 Respect is dead

Positive on Covid, I will not be able to attend my first two white BTS events.

Answer from my school: pic.twitter.com/uMdaPEF0bP

January 13, 2022

#13 They don’t get the rank of master though

People who don’t get COVID before the end of the month, do we agree that we can say they can belong to the JEDI order?

January 13, 2022

#14 A stroke of genius

My friend deliberately encourages the cat to sit on his lap when he’s in the video with customers, so he increases his sympathy capital with them.
An evil genius.

January 14, 2022

#15 Harry Potter Immersion

= I start looking for an apartment in Paris
= D-2 pic.twitter.com/cL2QYyCeqR

January 11, 2022

So much for these new top tweets. See you next week for a new selection. In the meantime, here’s where you can still discover or rediscover last week’s 343rd pick.


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