The top 15 tweets of the second season announced Emily in Paris, the meeting place for Parisians

Netflix announced it to us last night that the series Emily in Paris would be extended for a second season. On Twitter, internet users grabbed their keyboard to sometimes congratulate the famous streaming platform on the decision to sometimes face Netflix by claiming the continuation of many other series that were considered more interesting.

Forgive the Fwanssai: Emily In Paris will be back for a 2nd season.

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November 11, 2020

And you, where are you in this debate? We previously offered you top tweets with the best reactions from the first season of the series. Now, here are the top tweets with the best ideas you had for the upcoming second season of Emily in Paris. We can say it: the series inspired the French, but also various international viewers who decidedly struggled with French lessons.

# 1 Emily in Normandy

Ptdr during the final episode of Emily in Paris, I really thought we were going to play Emily in Normandy in season two

October 31, 2020

# 2 Emily in Paris limited version

It now seems obvious that the second season of Emily in Paris couldn’t do without a clique and gathering scene at a bookstore facing the portrait of General de Gaulle.

November 10, 2020

# 3 wendez-wous in the wai pawis

Season 2 “Emily in Real Paris” #EmilyinParis @NetflixFR

November 11, 2020

# 4 Emily in a tiny, unsanitary apartment and not a nice cheap studio

I have a lot of ideas for the second season of #EmilyInParis. For example: With the Covid crisis, the agency closes and has to switch to a JFT in Clignancourt. Hire me as a writer @NetflixFR

5th October 2020

# 5 Joe Biden brought Emily back to Paris

Biden brought Emily back to Paris. America thing good

November 11, 2020

# 6 where is that petition? Bring him to us!

Petition to replace the second season of Emily in Paris with Omelette Man in Paris.

November 8, 2020

# 7 Emily in Paris = the devil wears Prada, Wish version

Emily in Paris is like someone decided to rewrite “The Devil Wears Prada” but make each character worse and remove any reference to criticism of capitalism

November 11, 2020

# 8 a crossover for season 2?

I have two people from my TL who live tweet what they see. One is Emily in Paris, the other a leprechaun and I keep confusing the two, which creates the most ambitious crossover anyone has ever imagined.

November 12, 2020

# 9 When Americans are fed up with Netlix’s French classes

Oh my god, please shut up

November 11, 2020

# 10 Season 2 just expected by fans to see Gabriel again? of course not…

#EmilyInParis has been renewed for an s2 … HE’S COMING BACK TO ME. I SOB.

November 11, 2020

# 11 in France, we don’t really like learning things about ourselves

Emily hasn’t taught us all about our habits yet, we French @NetflixFR renewed Emily in Paris for a season 2

November 11, 2020

# 12 Obviously, we immediately feel less inclined to watch

Given the reactions to #EmilyInParis criticizing the series for its lack of realism, @NetflixFR kicks off season two, Emily, in Trou à merde.

The story of an obese American who discovered the Paris filth.

5th October 2020

# 13 Some disagree with the policy followed by Netflix …

#EmilyInParis was renewed, but Netflix canceled

one day at a time
Santa Clarita Diet
everything sucks

and many other better shows

November 11, 2020

# 14 A season 2 that promises

Emily in Paris – The heroine will be “much better integrated in Paris in season 2”, promises the showrunner and will fight in particular against “the bike paths of the anti-Bagnole-Bobo-Gauchiasse of Mayor Hidaldingue”.

October 7, 2020

# 15 we hadn’t seen anyone else who was so upset about this announcement




Check out how confused Timothy Olphant is

November 11, 2020

BONUS: The tweet in Portuguese that made us laugh

os franceses vendo emily in paris sendo renovada, mesmo depois de todo o chororô deles:

November 11, 2020

The French see Emily renewed in Paris, despite all her tears.

Bonus 2: excluded?

Guys, I ruled out a little. Season 2 of #EmilyInParis has already been filmed, there will even be Debby Ryan in it (I took part in the filming), let’s go

October 24, 2020

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