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The Tinder Imposter: The sordid details not in the documentary

The Tinder Imposter: The sordid details not in the documentary

It was one of the most watched content on Portuguese Netflix. It’s the true story of a man who pretended to be a millionaire to scam women.

There are two podcast episodes on the case.

The Tinder Imposter is a documentary that premiered on Netflix in early February and tells the true story of how a man pretended to be a millionaire in order to manipulate and deceive several women for years. Since arriving on the streaming platform, it has been one of the most watched productions – for a few days it has been topping the top 10 ranking in Portugal.

If you enjoyed the documentary, you might not know that Netflix has released two podcast episodes about the making of The Tinder Imposter. The streaming platform often uses this format to add details to their projects.

Of course, there aren’t any shocking details that didn’t make it into the documentary. But there is some information that might be relevant. On the podcast, the producers announce that they were able to speak to other victims of Simon Leviev, but were unavailable to come forward and speak on camera.

However, there are victims who have agreed to speak for themselves on the podcast. One revealed that Leviev told him he had to “play his part” – and that he was trying to influence his appearance, perhaps to fool another possible victim.

Another victim claimed he quit his job to work with Leviev after claiming he was a trainee pilot and heir to an airline. This woman was also arrested by authorities for using fraudulent credit cards, although she was never charged with the crime. That must be more than ten years ago. The woman will not have seen Leviev again until she read recent articles about the scammer.

The podcast also confirms that Avishay, Leviev’s alleged business partner, was involved in some of the schemes. It may even have played an “active role” in dealing with some of the victims. The documentary’s producers also say they saw photos of Simon and Avishay as children, proving that Avishay knew her boyfriend’s true identity.

The suspected mother of Simon Leviev’s son, who was on the plane when Cecilie Fjellhøy met the Israeli, had also been betrayed by the scammer. However, according to the podcast, she was unaware that Cecilie was another of her victims. You may have thought it was “another snag from Simon.”

After the documentary was released, Simon Leviev was banned from Tinder and other dating apps. The company LLD Diamonds wrote a statement in response to the case, as Leviev claimed to be the heir to the owners of the diamond business.

“LLD Diamonds has been a recognized leader in the diamond industry for three decades. Our company has no relationship whatsoever with Shimon Hayut [que mudou o nome legal para Simon Leviev]. He’s a scammer who tried to use our good name to swindle victims out of millions of dollars. Our sympathy goes to his victims. Your fraud has also created confusion about our company. Don’t believe anything he said about LLD or anything else. As soon as we found out about the scam, we filed a complaint with the Israel Police and we hope Mr. Hayut will face the justice he deserves,” the company wrote.

If you would like to help the main victims of Simon Leviev telling their stories in the documentary, an online fundraiser is underway. Find out how you can support Cecilie Fjellhøy from Norway, Pernilla Sjoholm from Sweden and Ayleen Koeleman from the Netherlands in this NiT article.

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