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the tetralogy in 4K Blu-ray at half price, i.e. 5.62 euros per piece

Following the Super Stephen King box set, it’s the turn of the Men in Black tetralogy to take advantage of a super promotional offer for the winter sale.

Box Men in Black: the 4 films in the same pack

The Men in Black franchise had real success on the big screen with the duo of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. After the first part we had the rights to 3 films whose releases spanned more than 20 years.

Men in Black: released 1997Men in Black II: released 2002Men in Black 3: released 2012Men in Black: International: released 2019

The first three were made by Barry Sonnenfeld, while the latest is by F. Gary Gray.

The 4 films give you more than 6 hours and this 4K Blu-ray box costs 22.50 euros instead of 44.99 euros or 5.62 euros per film. And if you love Stephen King, the 8-movie box set is also on sale.

Why crack?

To relive the adventures of the Men in BlackAn Essential FranchiseThe Tetralogy on 4K Blu-ray

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