The terrifying Mechagodzilla is finally revealed in the final trailer

This is one of the most spectacular clashes in the cinema: Godzilla VS Kong will be released on March 31st in the US. The feature film, which was originally due to hit theaters in June 2020, has been postponed for good due to the pandemic. Some lucky ones have already gotten to see the movie, and the reviews have already dropped – which gives a clear idea of ​​what to expect. Also, we recently clarified that the official trailer would have had a look at a specific giant robot monster for a very short time. Recently the ultimate trailer was leaked, which leaves no doubt about Mechagodzilla’s presence in the film.

one last explosive trailer with Mechagodzilla

The latest trailer for Godzilla VS Kong (see video below) reveals the presence of the robotic version of the world’s most famous kaiju. A message that should delight fans of the series, not to mention the excellent reviews the film has received so far. Since the first trailer, promotional items have been revealed that draw attention to the legendary Mechagodzilla character. Indeed, a toy featuring the image of the robot – and part of the Godzilla VS Kong franchise – has been revealed, greatly reducing the potential for surprise in terms of the character. So we don’t find it surprising in this final trailer.

Another interesting note in this trailer: A line that reads “Through the entrance to Antarctica we could help him find a new home” while Kong is being hoisted over a frozen spot. This could mean that Skull Island will be destroyed or recaptured. In addition, it is evident that many questions remain unanswered and can only be answered by watching the film.

One thing is certain, however: Mechagodzilla will actually be there! It remains to be seen what role is planned for him. Given the recent reviews of the film, we’re not taking too many risks in claiming it will be the centerpiece of an absolutely epic fight. Already fans of the film before its release? Do not hesitate to consult the Funko Pop figures with the portrait of the two creatures!

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