the ten worst superhero costumes in comics


Marvel Comics is a company that has been around for over 80 years. The company, founded in 1939, offered us many colorful, charismatic and effective characters, sometimes a little too many. So much so that such characters have often suffered from the ravages of time … and the strange urge to create new costumes and plots from the creators. So we’re going to introduce you to some of the worst costumes ever made for your favorite characters. And believe us, the 90s have never been better!

Iron Man’s # 1 nose armor

Iron Man didn’t start out as the evil superhero who starred with Robert Downey Jr. And sometimes certain details are just as unnecessary as they are annoying. Such is the case with an armor from Iron Man, which came up with the good idea of ​​adding a nose. And that bad taste would come from Stan Lee himself, who asked the team responsible for the hero at the time why Tony Stark didn’t have a nose in his armor. He will later admit having got rid of his nose to maintain the symmetry of the helmet … Quite a story.

# 2 the invisible woman’s neckline

A superhero is known to be sexy, right? Susan “Sue” Storm or Jane Storm or the Invisible Woman have both gone through the worst remake box and the worst costume box. So in the 90s (we’ll talk about it often) this strong and independent scientist wore a “gorgeous” costume closer to a bikini than anything else, in the middle of which the fabric was cut in the shape of 4 so readers can benefit from it . Which is extremely useful when this character is spending most of the time … invisible. Okay, it was mostly an excuse for her to try to rekindle the flame in the heart of her husband, Reed Richards.

# 3 Adam X the Younger

Adam X is a very special comic book series, but have you ever seen a superhero wearing a cap backwards? This beautiful design is from Tony Daniel. A designer to whom we owe the excellent work on Grant Morrison’s Batman. Can we imagine a Batman with a hat on? Frankly, it would have been on fire with George Clowney. Also note the splendid shoulder pads in the form of sharp claws. It must be a pleasure to ride the subway. Don’t be afraid, if you like shoulder pads, you will be served.

# 4 Wonder Man not so amazed

Despite starting out as a villain in the Avengers universe, Wonder Boy joined the cast of the West Coast Avengers. Worse for his regrets, he will now be wearing a set reminiscent of the shimmering colors of Christmas. Green, red, a close, rough look that is strangely tempting to write WM on. It wasn’t long before Marvel realized that everyone hated this costume. And then when we reverse red and green, doesn’t it remind you of Robin, Batman’s buddy?

# 5 Big Bang is exploding colors

Many of you did not know Big Bang and the rest of you just lost sight after these eye-catching colors appeared on your screen. Big Bang is a member of the X-Men who sweat the ode to the 90s! Everything is here! The eye-catching colors, the hairstyle, the tight-fitting costume, the type of braces, we can easily imagine that he is practicing inline skating while listening to Eurodance. Always notice the shoulder pads that are larger than them. It feels like a human paladin from World Of Warcraft.

# 6 the big-footed fawn

Here is one that will appeal to Tarantino and any fetishist. Adam Kubert will have gotten used to costumes a lot better. The character who must be an animal looks more like a big leftover who has drank their snack. Aviator goggles, why? Headphones why? Brackets on the arms, why? And an epaulette!

# 7 Thor Metal version

I want to understand that Thor is a Nordic god and that the Scandinavian countries are mostly known for their metal bands. But there … Thor is wearing a gorgeous emo costume that shows off his chest. He has a long mane in the wind, leather straps, shoulder pads and his famous Mjonlir hammer is now connected to a large metal chain. Thor wasn’t nagging enough, now he’s here! Or his costume is inspired by Alice Cooper or Dave Mustain (Metallica), we let you decide.

# 8 Spider-Man shiny

Anyone who says a special occasion says a special costume! Similar to Pokemon, you have a ridiculous chance of catching a Spider-Man Shiny. This metal covered costume was designed by screenwriter Terry Kavanagh for the Web of Spider-Man # 100 release! Fortunately, this armor was only temporary and will break after a few pages at some point. It was used by Spider-Man to face a particular executioner. Fortunately, otherwise we would all have been disappointed.

# 9 war room machine

War Machine is an armored character! It’s perfect for putting on a blade-shaped shoulder pad! James Rhodes never had armor as ugly as this in the Treason crossover. War Machine and Captain America and Nick Furry confront the Nazis. He first loses his armor in the flow of time and meets Skye, an alien who teaches him to use this new organic armor of the Eidolons, an ancient warrior race. This armor in white, green, black, gray, and orange enables him to face a Tony Stark controlled by Kang the Conqueror. A skull for the helmet, blades everywhere … Fortunately, he will lose that filthy armor after the crossover of the onslaught.

# 10 the not that big thing

He is my little darling. I love him, he’s too cute, Choupi, Kiki, Kawaï. I’ll try to sum it up for you without laughing: if you face the Hulk, The Thing will lose its powers and become Ben Grimm again. Understanding that he is nothing without his cinder block head, he asks his friend Reed Richards to create armor for him that is identical to his old look! Armor, therefore robust, that can be removed with a zipper! Handy for designers! Fortunately, Galactus will come by and give it back its “real” look by bombarding it with cosmic rays. Note that this armor made a return in the recent Fantastic Four comics when a friend of the Torch, Darla Deering, came across and uses this armor while the protagonists are busy elsewhere.