the ten most colossal monsters in the cinema


The cinema is good after all, especially when the rooms are open because they are the only ones who can transcribe the gigantism of a monster on the big screen. That’s right, seeing Godzilla in the movie or on Grandma’s CRT doesn’t quite have the same effect. Since the cinemas are closed, we offer you a small selection of the great beasts of the cinema. The ones who can remind humanity that it is not the dominant species on earth.


It was obvious to put Godzilla in that top. More than forty films are dedicated to him, to the point that he has won the title of “King of Monsters”. Though its size varies from movie to movie, Big Monster’s madness started from him and it’s thanks to him that it will never end. No need to show off as it has overwhelmed the collective imagination and it is thanks to him that all the other monsters are there. Therefore I would like to thank you very much to the best papa-lizard-mutant-giant.


When we think of large animals we necessarily think of Godzilla, and when we inevitably think of the lizard we have to speak of his nemesis, aka King Kong! While a new film has just been released dedicated to the confrontation of the two most famous titans of cinema, we think back with nostalgia to the many events of the king of the gorillas. Especially the great Peter Jackson movie!


We had to talk about the Kraken, of course, but we didn’t know which movie to choose. We have therefore bravely decided not to vote. Whether it’s Pirate of the Caribbean, Clash of the Titans (even the lousy remake from 2010) or Twenty Thousand Places Under the Sea (okay, it’s a giant squid), the Kraken imposes it. Mainly because what we see of him in general is only a tiny part of the animal’s body. Let our imagination do the rest.

# 4 THE TROLLS (troll hunters)

You certainly don’t know Troll Hunter. This is a Norwegian film. The film comes in the form of a found foutage and identifies with Project Blair Witch and Cloverfield, which will be discussed later. In this movie, the monsters are trolls, some on a “human scale” and some over 50 meters, who become real sleeping mountains!

# 5 the Kaijus (Pacific Rim)

As you noticed, there is a lot of talk about kaiju in this top. If they all have the same origins, they evolved in very different ways and Pacific Rim is here to remind us. Guillermo Del Toro loves big animals and makes it clear to us. In addition, it is possible to offer fights between creatures and human robots for the greatest pleasure of our little viewers.

# 6 the diablos (monster hunter)

And yes, there is now a Monster Hunter movie (much to our regret) that allows us to add one of the monsters from the repertoire to this list! It may cheat, but it is like that, it is life. The Diablos is one of the most famous monsters in the game license. Imagine a dragon crossed with a bull and you have a good definition of what the diablos is. An underground hunter who hides in the sand and digs under your feet before brutally leaping on you and falling down on you.

# 7 clover (cloverfield)

One of the newcomers to monster cinema, Cloverfield is a breath of fresh air that has been welcomed by many. JJ Abrams stated in the film’s press kit that Clover was Baby Kaiju, a disoriented, debilitated, and irritable child. Which is understandable after you’ve slept underwater for tens of thousands of years. Of course we invite you to watch this film.

# 8 the mutant fish (the host)

There was a time when Bong Joon-Ho wasn’t a well-known director outside of South Korea. Until he did The Host. Overall, it is a mutant fish that decides to get out of the water to feed on things other than fish, love, and freshwater, since its river is polluted. The film has won numerous awards, including the best special effects. We grant you, he may have aged badly. It nonetheless remains an essential film in the filmography of the director of Parasite and Memories of Murder, and undoubtedly one of the best Asian genre films!

# 9 the graboid (trembling)

In that case, we could have put the famous Sarlax from the Star Wars saga. First seen in the 1990 movie Tremors, the large, massive burrowing worms have become iconic and have spawned many sequels … live on DVD as well as in a series! Graboids are extremely ancient creatures and their origins are unknown. You can dig in loose soil extremely quickly. They are blind and hunt thanks to the detection of vibrations. The adults measure up to 9 meters and their mouths have tentacles that also have mouths. Cold sweat for trypophobes!

# 10 CHTULhU (Call of Chtulhu)

We only had one left to present to you. The old man, the only one who has the power not to devour you raw or trample you, but to let you sink into madness. It is said to be the size of a planet or that it is infinite, and it alone has inspired many films. (Even if he is currently sleeping like a large larva in the submerged city of R’lyeh in the Pacific). This elder was worshiped as a god long ago by aquatic creatures and humans. But that was before.

Did you like this top? Do not hesitate to let you know! We intend to explore the monsters of cinema further, mainly the horror monsters in another article. If you know something that is underrated and that should shine a little more, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section of the article!