The tallest building in the world honors the Lord of the Rings

Fan of LEGO? Lord of the Rings fan? So what follows is sure to please you! After seeing this giant LEGO construction that pays homage to Tolkien’s universe, you’ll want to take a stroll to Smaerdland, an indoor museum in China that is home to an incredible construction made of 150 million bricks.

A construction that holds a world record

This diorama is located in the Shenzhen City Children’s Museum. It is inspired by a battle of the Lord of the Rings recreated on an area of ​​191 square meters! Not only is it impressive and extremely detailed, but it also sets the world record for the world’s largest creation ever made with LEGOs. A record formalized by Guinness World Records on January 20, 2021.

50 designers worked three years to assemble more than 150 million small stones!

While we are waiting to go to China, we invite you to discover this gigantic LEGO construction dedicated to the Lord of the Rings.

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