“The talented and multifaceted Maria João Abreu has left”


“Nothing prepares us for such a loss”: reactions to the death of Maria João Abreu

The honors take place in the social networks of friends and colleagues. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has also spoken.

Since the announcement of the death of Maria João Abreu in the early afternoon of May 13th, many faces have been known in the national artistic panorama who pay homage to the actress.

One of the first to speak up was the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who highlighted the artist’s qualities in a message on the Presidency’s website.

“Humor, emotion and empathy connect us with others, including others we don’t know, as is the case with actors and actresses. Maria João Abreu, who left us early, chose this approach, perhaps because it was the most natural approach: comedy, projection of our affections and problems, human closeness. “

While offering his condolences to the family, Marcelo also remembered his work in the theater and on television and made them “a figure who, for many Portuguese, represents the familiarity of those who are with us because they look like us”.

The messages of support for the family and the artist’s memory are becoming more common. If some only use short expressions like “Obrigado, Maria João” or “Querida João” like Daniel Oliveira or Cristina Ferreira, others go a little further.

“The talented and multifaceted Maria João Abreu has left. Nothing prepares us for such sudden, unjust, and premature loss. A big hug of courage for the whole family. Maria João, our eternal thanks for everything you have given us! “Writes Diogo Infante.

Other artists such as José Carlos Pereira or Paulo Pires point to the premature death of the actress and leave the family with words of support. And even those who never dealt with her, like Fernanda Serrano, didn’t want to let the moment pass.

“There are things that are not understood. This is one of them! May you continue to be a beautiful light as you always have been. I’ve never had the privilege of working together … so it didn’t happen! Peace in your rest. “

Presenter Andreia Rodrigues, married to Daniel Oliveira, also remembered her last interview with Maria João Abreu and guaranteed that it is difficult to accept what happened.

“I remember your smile and the incredible energy that you always exuded.”

However, many other national public figures have left their message, including Tânia Ribas de Oliveira, Nuno Markl, Marisa Liz, Sónia Araújo, João Pedro Pais, Nuno Lopes, Ana Bacalhau, Joana Seixas, Gisela João and Manuel Marques.