the symbiote is planned in this Spider-Man spin-off (spoiler)

Some time ago we offered you to find the crazy story of the making of Venom, which led Marvel Studios to buy the character from its creator, a fan of the franchise.

The beginning of the dark six?

For the time being, we know the first Venom from the Sony universe of Marvel characters, its sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage (planned for October 2021) and the film Morbius (planned for January 2022). We also know three other films are in development: Madame Web, Spider-Woman, and Kraven the Hunter. With these films, Sony would likely want to introduce the Sinister Six, a team of super villains that operate in the Marvel Universe and whose main goal was to defeat the hero Spider-Man. A message about Morbius, which we will discuss below, could well go in this direction.

A while ago we dedicated an earlier article to the Morbius trailer and the fact that Spider-Man featured on a poster that mentions “Murderer”. That clue indicated that the movie’s plot would take place after the events of Spider-Man Far From Home.

First, let’s talk about certainty. Here is the synopsis of the film as we know it: Suffering from a rare blood disease, the biochemist Michael Morbius tries to heal himself. Determined to save the many victims of the disease, he accidentally becomes infected with some form of vampirism. As little as information has leaked about the film to date, the latter’s director Daniel Espinosa may have leaked some crisp information during a recent interview.

The director’s first cameo

Morbius director David Espinosa recently said in an interview with the Swedish media moviezine:

If you look at the schedule and read names like Michael Keaton, Jared Leto or Tom Hardy, you tell yourself it’s really cool and very exciting.

Fans already knew Michael Keaton would return as Vulture (Spider-Man Homecoming), but to this day no one knew that Tom Hardy would make a cameo in the movie Morbius through his character Venom.

David Espinosa apparently leaked the information which quickly went viral. With this news, the fans are waiting even more excitedly for the unfortunately postponed film Morbius, which is now due to hit cinemas on January 19, 2022. We’re excited to see how all the members of This Five Star Cast will evolve together, including the potential introduction of the Sinister Six thanks to the co-location of Vulture, Venom and Morbius. And if you love Venom and Venompool, don’t hesitate to read our previous article on the best cosplay out there right now, that of a fan who has evolved into Venompool.

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