The surprising ending to “Sweet Girl”, the new action film from Netflix


The surprising ending to “Sweet Girl”, the new action film from Netflix

It stars Jason Momoa and has become one of the platform’s most popular productions in the past few days.

“Sweet Girl” premiered on August 20th.

It opened on Friday, August 20, and it took three days to top the Netflix trending podium. We’re talking about Sweet Girl, an action movie starring Jason Momoa and directed by Brian Andrew Mendoza.

It’s a vengeful drama. Momoa plays Ray Cooper, a family man who seeks justice against a giant pharmaceutical company – the one responsible for taking a drug off the market that could save his wife and save her from death from cancer. His search for the truth puts him (and his daughter Rachel) in enormous danger.

The point is, towards the end of the story, something completely unexpected is revealed. For most of the movie, it seems like Ray and Rachel (Isabela Merced) are working together to seek revenge – but after about 80 minutes a twist tells us it was just a bit of a fantasy.

During a standoff with an FBI agent on a building, it is revealed that Rachel is actually doing everything on her own. His father Ray had been killed two years earlier in the same incident that led to the journalist’s death at the start of the conspiracy.

In other words, whenever we saw Ray doing things in the aftermath of that incident, it was actually Rachel. She was the one who killed Simon Keeley and Shah and who was confronted with the killer in the restaurant. All of this violence was committed by her.

As viewers, we can only assume that all the dialogues that took place between father and daughter were fully introduced by Rachel – although there is even a hint that she believes she somehow has become her father: This is why she often has to say your name. It’s like impersonating his father for these acts of violence.

The story is based on this revelation: Rachel jumps out of the building to avoid being caught by the FBI (we had already seen this scene at the beginning of the film, but with Ray) and ends up in an ambulance after being injured. Rachel takes control of the ambulance, causes an accident and flees to Pittsburgh, the last stop on her mission.

In this city he takes part in a political rally by Diana Morgan, whose corruption was one of the main reasons that his mother was not treated properly. There he meets the killer again, but manages to stab him before finding Morgan in his office.

He manages to coerce her confession, and when it looks like she is going to murder her, Rachel lets her escape – but hands the tape over to the FBI. Then he has to flee and he goes to a place where he has great memories with his mother and father.

In an interview with Collider, director Brian Andrew Mendoza said he was one of the elements that got him excited about making this film. “I liked the challenge. If done correctly, it could be one of the best parts in history. And I really liked that in the structure of the film, usually when something like this happens, it happens in the last five minutes. And in that case, you’ll find that out and it will take you to act three, which is all about the character. It’s about building Rachel’s character and guiding her on the final step of her journey, and that’s been the case since the script was first drafted. “

Mendoza also said that when viewers watch the film again or go back to see some scenes, they notice some clues as to what actually happened. “Why would Jason Momoa have trouble with Justin Bartha?” Asks the filmmaker. Because it was always Rachel, of course.

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