The SuperNanny book that teaches you how to deal with hate online


“Odiolândia”: the SuperNanny book that aims to show you how to deal with hate online

The new project by psychologist Teresa Paula Marques can now be ordered.

Teresa Paula Marques was the Portuguese SuperNanny

Clinical psychologist Teresa Paula Marques, the controversial Portuguese SuperNanny, published a new book on May 5th, entitled “Odiolândia”. In fact, it was his brief role as SuperNanny at SIC that inspired the start of this work.

On the back it says: “When she accepted herself as a Portuguese SuperNanny, psychologist Teresa Paula Marques was far from imagining that she would be insulted, hated and the target of false news and malicious rumors on social networks for months.”

“Odiolândia” is now available.

After immediate criticism of the 2018 show, it was canceled after two episodes. Although the format did not evolve, the psychologist did not stop writing and often went into the subject of children. “Odiolândia” is no exception.

The author and psychologist not only teaches the reader how to protect himself and how to deal with internet hatred, but also highlights the children of those who read the book and teaches them what to do when the victim or the attacker is theirs child.

The book also contains testimonies from several names in Portuguese television, such as Manuel Luís Goucha and the duo of Cláudio Ramos and Maria Botelho Moniz. “Odiolândia” is available now at a price of € 15.90. It is an edition of Manuscrito.