The strange creature that terrorized the residents for several days turns out to be something completely different


Towards Poland, where the Cracow Animal Protection Society was arrested by residents of a city in the south of the country. They discovered a strange creature stuck in a tree. Inspectors went to the scene to establish the facts.

A strange creature that has been terrorizing the neighborhood for several days

The Polish SPA claims that a resident contacted them to tell them that a creature with dangerous and disturbing looks has been in a tree near his home for several days. This unknown thing seems to have sown terror in the neighborhood as many residents no longer dared to open their windows for fear that it would invade their homes.

Before going there, the organization’s inspectors put forward the idea that it could certainly be a bird of prey, but the resident who contacted them disagreed. In your opinion, it is more of a “lagoon” … to speak of an iguana who can no longer find the word for the lizard.

Brown, with no leg or head

The SPA will therefore go straight to the scene to clear the riddle. Given the lilac the creature was in, they notice a brown thing stuck in the tree that has neither legs nor head …

With this in mind, the inspectors quickly put an end to the tension. It is impossible for them to do anything. It is beyond their capabilities. Should we call Mulder and Scully to handle the case? Not at all ! A baker will do it! In fact, the creature in question was quite simply … a crescent moon!