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The star “Emily in Paris” is on vacation in Comporta

Lucas Bravo: “Emily in Paris” star is on vacation in Comporta

The actor who plays Gabriel on the Netflix series was in Portugal with Alba Baptista and Joana Ribeiro.

After the French actor and model Lucas Bravo shines on Emily in Paris, a Netflix series in which he plays Gabriel (and on his way to the second season), he enjoys the Comporta sun in Portugal because it was possible to see through the social networks in the past few days.

Lucas Bravo was in our country with the Portuguese actress Alba Baptista, with whom he took part in the film “Ms. Harris goes to Paris” – the premiere of which is planned for February next year – and also with the national actress Joana Ribeiro.

One of the photos shared on Instagram.

Lucas Bravo was born in Nice at the age of 33 and is the son of ex-soccer player Daniel Bravo and Eva Bravo, who were not only singers but also TV presenters. He began his career in the audiovisual field in 2013, but only gained international fame with the role in “Emily in Paris”. I was already in Lisbon in December. He also shared some photos at the time.


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