The spin-off that all fans have been waiting for has just been announced

My Hero Academia fans are in heaven right now. For those following the scans, the latter experiences a particularly interesting arc, and for those just watching the anime, season five is now set to tackle its best arc. Amid all that excitement, and according to a new report, it turns out that My Hero Academia is gearing up for a spin-off this year. We take stock of this news.

A new spin-off announced

The information we’re discussing today comes from Japan, thanks to insiders like Aitaikimochi. There have indeed been reports of a new My Hero Academia novel, and details suggest the story will pick up on the final arc of season five.

If the reports are correct, My Hero Academia should name its new light novel “Cherry Blossoms” and Anri should be the scriptwriter. The author wrote the previous My Hero Academia light novels; it therefore seems quite logical that he should concern himself with this new volume.

What story are we being told in this new spin-off?

As for the history of this spin-off, reports suggest that Cherry Blossoms will take place right before the “war for the liberation of the paranormal”. Aitaikimochi says:

The stories take place before the Paranormal Liberation War Arc and include stories about Valentine’s Day, Spring Break, and more.

It looks like this light novel will give fans a taste of how the heroes used to live and what their problems were before their lives turned to My Hero Academia. Anyone who has read the manga already knows how much the Paranormal War for Liberation Arc has changed our view of history. Anri’s book therefore promises a journey back in time to a certain era before Shigaraki throws himself into the world. It also means we’ll have the opportunity to see some pleasant moments of life in Cherry Blossoms, which will be even more when we know what the heroes will go through in the future.

At the moment, all eyes are on Viz Media and Ki-oon in France to see if we can hope for an adaptation of the light novel in the West. Now, while you wait to find out more on this topic, you can still catch the fifth season of My Hero Academia. And if you want to know what age you would have been in the My Hero Academia universe, we recommend that you take our previous personality test which will allow you to find out.

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