the special episode divides the fans of the series (25 tweets)


Friends. She’s certainly one of the most popular sitcoms of her generation. Originally broadcast between 1994 and 2004, many of us were able to follow the touching adventures of this circle of friends, hidden in an apartment that is not always dead calm. If, like many others, you were a fan of the series, you know the episode is already available. And if you’re wondering what viewers were thinking, you’ve come to the right place.

# 1

The #Friends actors are now brave fifties, this new special episode brings out big laughs against the backdrop of andropause, galloping baldness, and other hilarious misunderstandings related to hormonal imbalances. Then my life.
I’m really happy about it.

May 27, 2021

# 2

Those who criticize the physique of the #Friends cast from the first visuals to the discovery of the special episode yesterday, it drives me crazy. Zero degree of respect and total ignorance. Ah yes, surprise, we’ve all aged too (and that’s fine).

And as Ross would say:

May 28, 2021

# 3

me when David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston confessed their feelings in the first seasons of Friends #FriendsReunion

May 27, 2021

# 4

The world is divided into two categories: those who are excited when the #friends episode approaches and those who have not understood the meaning of life. #FriendsReunion

May 26, 2021

# 5

I shed my little tear before #FriendsReunion. It was super moving: memories, anecdotes, laughter, sadness (chan ud83e udd72), it makes you want to repeat the series for the 100th time, except that I haven’t seen it again for years. rvFGkzz6X5

May 28, 2021

# 6

Comments about the physical appearance of the Friends cast are downright filthy. Breaking news: people are getting older. You, you, all of us. Are #FriendsReunion (to unfold)

May 28, 2021

# 7

Some fear Matthew Perry may appear calm during the #FriendsReunion. You should know that the actor had urgent surgery on the day the show was taped.

May 28, 2021

# 8th

Entk, #FriendsReunion reassures me that I don’t want botox.

# 9

Kidnap James Corden and the unrelated guests and the friends reunion isn’t that bad. #FriendsReunion #Friends

May 28, 2021

# 10

Nobody flips, they scratch subscribers with #FriendsReunion

May 28, 2021

# 11

First observation while watching #FriendsReunion Who hasn’t had plastic surgery?

May 28, 2021

# 12

Me after David and Jennifer confessed that they had a crush on each other and let their feelings and tensions flow through Ross and Rachel #FriendsReunion

May 28, 2021

Me after David and Jennifer confessed that they fell in love and let their emotions and tensions spill over through Ross and Rachel

# 13

and yes, they are the executive producers of #FriendsReunion

i don’t cry you are

May 28, 2021

And yes, they are the executive producers of #FriendsReunion

# 14

It’s been 5 minutes since I started watching #FriendsTheReunion and I’m already crying

May 27, 2021

# fifteen

“Friends Reunion” for a final because champions.

May 27, 2021

“Friends Reunion” for the Champions Final.

# 16

I like tweets on #FriendsReunion if I haven’t seen #FriendsReunion:

May 27, 2021

# 17

Well, I think we were all on the line knowing that Jen and David lived their love through Ross and Rachel. I cried if you knew #FriendsReunion

May 27, 2021

# 18

Everything I take with me from this #FriendsReunion:

May 27, 2021

# 19

Anyone who has subscribed to the free month on Salto #FriendsReunion

May 27, 2021

# 20

Subscribe to Salto to see #FriendsReunion
Sign out of Salto after seeing #FriendsReunion

May 27, 2021

# 21

I was a little scared when I announced this #FriendsReunion, I didn’t know what to expect and how lucky I was. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I haven’t seen time go by. As a fan of the series, I’ve taken a monstrous foothold #FriendsTheReunion

May 27, 2021

# 22

I don’t know what to write because I was overwhelmed with emotion the whole time, but actually seeing them all together 17 years later was great. This series is and remains pure luck every time you look at it again.
And my favorite series forever. #FriendsReunion

May 27, 2021

# 23

To all #friends fans. It’s cool all of your posts. Yeah i know #FriendsReunion it’s hard to escape! No, I don’t know anything about #vf yet. Yes, I will take on the role of Joey with great pleasure
A little more patience …

May 25, 2021

# 24

Nice recording, because probably the only broadcaster in all of TNT did not broadcast a single episode of the series. #FriendsReunion

May 24, 2021

# 25

The only .. # FriendsReunion

May 27, 2021

The one and only

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