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The SPD, the Greens and the Left reject pressure from the CDU to retire | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – A CDU initiative to scrap the fixed retirement age is rejected by the SPD, the Greens and the Left. The FDP points out that they have wanted this for a long time.

SPD leader Saskia Esken told the German news agency in Berlin on Sunday: “With the CDU’s retirement concept, today’s corona heroes will become tomorrow’s alms collectors.”

A few days ago, the CDU’s Federal Committee for Social Security and the World of Work decided on plans for a major pension reform. They are intended for the CDU election program for the federal election campaign in 2021. According to official forecasts, the further increase in life expectancy should be exploited in such a way that part of the gained time is spent on work.

In place of a “ fixed legal retirement age for all, ” there should be an individual transition to retirement in the future, according to the demand of dozens of CDU politicians across the board. In the longer term, the CDU experts want to abolish the current scheme, according to which the state pension age will gradually increase from 65 to 67 years.

Esken countered that, for example, geriatric nurses, educators and bus drivers often did not reach the regular retirement age and therefore also not full pension. The reason: after often decades of hard work, many of them would have to stop working prematurely.

Esken said working even longer would lead to even more painful pension cuts for many. These employees, who have recently been recognized as systemically important, need a state pension that can be lived on. “There will be no erosion of old-age pensions with us,” said Esken.

Green expert Markus Kurth called a focus on the retirement age issue “not worthwhile”. Kurth said to the dpa, “There are several financing options to stabilize retirement levels.” He mentioned expanding employment for women or a higher tax subsidy.

Left-wing pension expert Matthias Birkwald said a broad front consisting of employer associations, the union, FDP, the OECD and so-called pension popes are repeatedly calling for employees to work longer to relieve pension finances. “The policy of the pension only from 67 – and also the CDU proposal for an individual pension transition – is nothing more than an antisocial pension cut according to the motto” Pay longer and receive a shorter pension “.”

Instead, all policyholders should be able to retire from the age of 65 without any deductions, and even contribute from the age of 60 after 40, Birkwald told the dpa.

The CDU experts are also calling for the creation of a capital investment fund within the statutory retirement plan. Self-employed persons, such as employees, civil servants or mini-jobbers, should also be able to take out a standard pension product. This should primarily be based on equity investments. The state must establish criteria for the product.

The approval for the demand for a flexible retirement age came from the FDP. Your pension expert Johannes Vogel told the dpa: “In 2017, the CDU still strongly rejected our proposal for flexible pension.” He said: “If the Union were to rethink it would be a late but correct turn.” However, to regain credibility, more is needed than a mishmash of proposals from a technical committee full of test assignments to the own federal government.

SPD party leader Katja Mast accused the CDU of making a lot of fuss about nothing. “She is divided internally and avoids the crucial questions. As always, ”she said to the Dpa. The proposals reinforced the redistribution from poor to rich.


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