The Son’s Death, Mental Health, and the Insane Life of Sinead O’Connor


He had been missing for two days when Sinead O’Connor himself shared the bad news on Twitter on Saturday, January 8th. “My beautiful son, Nevi’im Nesta Ali Shane O’Connor, the light of my life, decided today to end his earthly battle and is now with God.”

Shane, the son of the Irish artist, who today bears the Islamic name Shuhada ‘Sadaqat, was 17 years old and suffered from depression. He was even under government surveillance as there were fears that he might commit suicide.

Shane will have escaped surveillance and the details of the escape are not yet known, but it appears he was responsible for his own death. The 17-year-old was in government hands, and O’Connor didn’t do things by halves: he went on the attack.

The warnings began two days before the confirmation of Shane’s death when the artist pointed her finger at the Dublin hospital, where her son would be admitted after two suicide attempts.

“I want to know why Lynn Ward of Taillight Hospital, who was supposed to supervise my son 24 hours a day, managed to let him escape this morning, seven days after making two serious suicide attempts,” he wrote on Thursday.

“How does a traumatized 17-year-old who was on a suicide watch manage to escape? The hospital declines all responsibility. What if something happens to my child when they are in your care? [Levam com] Litigation. “

Worst fears were confirmed and O’Connor returned to the attack the same day he shared news of his son’s death: “26 hours after my son died in the care of the Irish state (…) institution or its agent “, He said before setting out on more violent criticism.

“The Tusla [instituição estatal de assistência social] and the HSE [o serviço nacional de saúde irlandês] Made a dishonest statement. A stream of lies and refusals to take responsibility. Covered as always by the almighty and false concern they allegedly have for the privacy of children who die in their care. “

He accuses the Irish state of being “ignorant, malicious, selfish and a liar” and of “allowing and facilitating his death”. “Guess where my son learned to tie the knot that hung him? Tried and questioned a week ago. He told me he saw all of this on the computer in the children’s department of the mental hospital. This was while I was being treated for psychosis, ”he wrote.

In the past few days, and despite having announced that he would take “some time to mourn,” O’Connor has revealed more details of the drama his son has seen over the past few months.

“A month ago when Shane was picked up by CAMHS [serviços do Estado dedicados às doenças mentais de adolescentes] After he disappeared and left a suicide note with details of his own funeral, he was released. They said he had no intention of committing suicide. When the adult accompanying him refused to be released, he was told that planning a funeral is not very different from planning a wedding. “

Criticism of O’Connor was beginning to surface, however, and the artist did not escape them. “For your information, don’t be fooled if you think I didn’t know I abandoned my son, as did Tusla, the HSE and the State of Ireland. As well as everyone who was present in his life and whose names I will never reveal. We all know who we are. We all fail. Welcome to Ireland. “

Shane was one of four children of Sinead O’Connor, their third from her marriage to musician Donal Lunny. She always had a difficult life and her mother never shrank from publicly disclosing her problems.

He did it almost a year ago, in February 2021, when he asked fans on social media to pray for his sometimes insecure son. “Save some prayers for my son Shane. The light of my life, “he wrote before sharing an enigmatic sentence:” A terrible, hellish day. “

This wasn’t even the first escape from Shane, who disappeared in 2019 at the age of just 14. “My sweet 14-year-old has been missed many times. He’s been missing for two days now, ”the mother then revealed. It would eventually be found three days after the warning.

Sinead O’Connor has been a restless figure herself over the years, having entered the music business in 1990 with the song “Nothing Compares 2 U”, written by Prince and sung by the Irishwoman, and immediately becoming an international star.

His unusual, shaved head, strange clothes and angry look earned him the reputation of an outsider, which he confirmed when he starred on live television in a controversial scene that many say ruined his career.

Invited to perform on Saturday Night Live, O’Connor ended the performance by pulling from a photo of Pope John Paul II that she tore up in front of the cameras. He sang a version of Bob Marley’s “War” that ended with an appeal, “Fight the real enemy.”

Contrary to what usually happens, the end of the performance was received with complete silence from the audience. Not a single applause could be heard. The shock spread and she said her agent ran away and hung up for the next three days.

The controversial tearing of the photo made headlines around the world and rocked the Irish woman’s career, which was only justified years later. “We [na Irlanda] we already knew ten years before you [americanos] discover sexual abuse by the catholic church. We had evidence, ”he confessed in Dr. Phil’s show.

“The photo had hung in my mother’s room all her life. I was really angry about what the church was doing. In tearing this photo up, I risked my career, I risked everything. I could have become a billionaire if I wanted to. “

In 2001 he took up the topic again in his book “Memories”, where he also revealed that the controversial gesture had been planned for several weeks. “My intention has always been to destroy the Pope’s photo. It represented the lies, the liars, the abuse (…) I just didn’t know where or when I was going to do it, but I knew the time was right and I decided to do it that night. He knew there would be a war if that happened, but he didn’t care. He knew the scriptures. Nothing could touch me. The world rejected it. “

Not all accepted the gesture and the following months and years were “traumatizing” in their opinion. “Suddenly everyone thought they could treat me like a crazy goat.”

O’Connor had a difficult childhood, between abuse and episodes of institutional internment and arrests for theft. He took refuge in music, but lived a career full of controversy. She was banned from several American radio stations after refusing to let the anthem play before one of her concerts.

In 1991 he won the Grammy for Best Alternative Album, but decided to boycott the ceremony because he thought it was too “commercial”. The following years were even more dramatic. She became a hated figure after the Pope’s photo controversy, later announced she had become a priestess, and came out as a homosexual in 2000. In 2005 he again spoke publicly about his sexual orientation when he revealed that he was “three quarters straight and one quarter gay”.

In 2018 he announced his conversion to Islam and announced a new name change – a year earlier he had changed it to Magda Davitt. O’Connor, now 55, then announced that she would be referred to as Shuhada ‘Sadaqat.