The song used to torture prisoners

“Baby Shark” is a staple on YouTube with its catchy tune, candid lyrics, and stars searching for their fins. Over 6 billion on the clock, the song has been covered many times and has likely hit your eardrum. Known for annoying those who listen too long, “Baby Shark” has been used as a torture in a prison.

a “joke” that causes “excessive emotional stress”

Headed Oklahoma State, USA, where two 21-year-old prison officers and their 50-year-old supervisor were arrested. Your crime? Torture prisoners by making them listen to “Baby Shark” over and over again. Between November and December 2019, at least five prisoners were forced to listen to the nursery rhyme at high volume, chained to a wall and handcuffed. Inmates sometimes woke up in the middle of the night and listened to “Baby Shark” for almost two hours.

The Oklahoma District Attorney estimates that the two law enforcement officers will be sentenced to one year imprisonment and a $ 1,000 fine for acting “collectively, willfully and illegally” and “cruelly and inhumanly”. If the two men behaved in this way, penal disciplinary measures, which were deemed inadequate, should be tightened. The two prison officers have been the subject of several complaints from former prisoners and resigned during the investigation. The supervisor has since retired.

This is not the first time Baby Shark has been used in this way. In 2019, the city of West Palm Beach, Florida broadcast the song on a high volume loop to deter homeless people from sleeping outside a convention center that was, if anything, demeaning the community believes. However, the rhyme and its easy-to-remember melody are not used as they were imagined.

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