The Song Festival is over this Saturday (and NiT readers have already made their choice)

The Song Festival is over this Saturday (and NiT readers have already made their choice)

Whoever wins the final this Saturday goes to Eurovision to represent Portugal.

NEEV song wins poll.

After two semi-finals we will get to know the winning song of the Song Festival 2021 this Saturday evening, March 6th. The chosen one will represent Portugal at the Eurovision Festival, which will be held in May in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The city should have hosted the event last year, but the pandemic forced fans to wait another year.

In 2020 the choice fell on “Fear of Feeling”, a song composed by Marta Carvalho and played by Elisa. This year, after a jury of six personalities announced to the public the responsibility for the choice of the final, the big winner of today’s final will be the song that received the most votes from the public and whose votes will be divided into seven regions .

From 9 p.m., the ten finalists will take the stage for a decisive performance. In the first semifinals, Valéria, Karetus & Romeu Bairos, Black Mamba, Fábia Maia and Sara Afonso went through. The second semi-final brought Joana Alegre, Carolina Deslandes, Pedro Gonçalves, NEEV and EU.CLIDES onto the list of finalists.

In addition to the appearances of the finalists, special guests will also be present at the RTP ceremony. Dino d’Santiago is one of the names to be seen on stage, as is Cláudia Pascoal, the 2018 winner with “O Jardim”, who went to the Lisbon-based Eurovision. Ana Moura and Filipe Sambado will also stop by.

Last week, NiT conducted a poll that challenged readers: Who deserves to win the Song Festival 2021? The battle not only for first place but also for a place on the podium was fierce, but there was one song that caught the eye.

NEEV’s “Dancing in the Stars” was the one that received the most votes in this poll, with 36.3 percent of the vote. In second place was Carolina Deslandes with “Por um Triz”, the choice of 23.3 percent of the readers. Closing the podium with 10.2 percent was “Saudade” by Karetus & Romeu Bairos, who left the short distance but already deviated from the podium, “Love is on My Side” by The Black Mamba (a fourth most popular, with 8, 5 percent of the vote).

Regardless of the choice in the NiT survey, it is already known: The live performances on this Saturday night will be decisive. A misstep or a surprise can determine the night.

In 1964, RTP began broadcasting the Festival da Canção. Some of the names and achievements that have remained in the history of Portuguese music went on the stage of the public channel. In the 21st century the event lost momentum until it deserved a revolution.

In the current model we find names with careers who can choose to play themselves or invite other artists to their songs. Vacancies for free applications have also been introduced. In this edition there were more songs to compete and a record was even broken – there were more than 690 entries in the free entry competition, a clear sign of renewed vitality for the Song Festival.

With this in mind, Luísa Sobral wrote “Amar Pelos Dois”, a song that brought Salvador Sobral to Eurovision in 2017 and that guaranteed Portugal an historic (and only) victory. We will now see which song will be added to the list of winners of the Song Festival – and book a ticket for the performance in Europe and the world at Eurovision.

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