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The solidarity campaign sells concert goods that did not take place

The solidarity campaign sells concert goods that did not take place

You can find products online. The proceeds go to the Audiovisual Union.

A great way to help the culture

This year the restrictions that the pandemic placed on us were hardest hit for many Portuguese and some areas like restaurants, tourism or culture. In the latter case, a large number of the artists and their respective employees missed the planned shows.

To help workers in this sector, a group of companies have come together to create an online platform whose revenues will be entirely reduced in favor of União Audiovisual and which they will later distribute in the form of food cards. This platform is the Uncancel Collection and collects the merchandising that should have been sold at the trade fairs all year round and that did not reach the goal because the respective events were canceled.

In addition to musicians and bands, the brands associated with the canceled events will have items for sale in this area, and there will continue to be the opportunity for others to join. Articles from events such as Rock in Rio, NOS Alive and NOS Primavera Sound, Vodafone Paredes de Coura, SBSR or Meo Sudoeste are currently available.

Those who do not want to buy a merchandising product will still have the opportunity to contribute to União Audiovisual through the e-shirt, a kind of virtual t-shirt that can be shared as content on social networks.

“By buying a souvenir for the event that did not take place, the Portuguese are not only buying a souvenir for a cultural or sports show that this virus has forced to abandon, but above all they are helping professionals in the industry in the most difficult phase of their life. . It’s a way of turning waste into something anyone can participate in, ”explains João Ribeiro, managing partner of Stream and Tough Guy, the agency that launched this initiative.

This uncancel collection will be available on the website from November 25th to December 15th.


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