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the Smart Connected Speaker costs only 35 euros

Connected speakers are part of our daily lives and there are many models on the market. There are those from Google, Apple, but also those from Amazon called Echo. These are perfect for listening to music or remotely controlling your other devices with your voice.

Amazon Echo Dot 4: a little sphere that answers all your questions

Amazon has developed its own artificial intelligence and assistant Alexa. This allows you, as mentioned, to control other compatible devices that are available on your home network. We also have a Philips HUE package on offer.

This isn’t the only thing she can do thanks to the different skills, you can ask her to stream music from your favorite streaming service (Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, Apple Music, …). It is also possible to program alarms, hear the news of the day, find out the weather, follow a cooking recipe and listen to stories and audio books. You can even call your contacts.

In terms of its shape, we are on a different model from the Google Nest and Nest Mini, it has the shape of a sphere covered with a pretty fabric. There is also a small button on the back to mute the microphones in a physical, practical and safer way for those who are afraid of being heard.

It simply connects via WiFi, but you can also use it via Bluetooth.

Normally marketed at 59.99 euros, Amazon has decided to launch a great promotion and you can order it for 34.99 euros.

It is recommended for:

the quality of its HD, the many capabilities, its round shape

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