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The Smart Connected Screen will also benefit from sales in 2022

Google has overtaken its competitors with its Nest and Nest Mini speakers, but those aren’t the only connected products to have great success, there’s also the Nest Hub, a smart display that lets you go even further from home Automation.

Google Nest Hub: a connected speaker with a screen

Since acquiring NEST, Google has decided to rebrand its connected products, starting with speakers and now with its hub. Today we offer you the latter as a sales promotion.

So the Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) is a connected speaker that also has a screen that offers a lot of possibilities. First of all, it works with voice as it does with speakers since it integrates Google Assistant so you can start streaming music, communicate with your loved ones with the Duo application, save appointments in your calendar and much more. Where the screen matters is that you can control your other devices with your fingertip too. When someone rings your doorbell, the bell and connected camera will show you who is in front. It’s also possible to follow a recipe on video, check the weather forecast, or check your lightbulbs.

Normally the Google Nest Hub costs €99.99, but now with the winter sale it’s €79.99. Philips Ambilight LED TV is also compatible and on sale.

3 good reasons to crack

The screen a big plus compared to a speakerThe Google Assistant that works perfectlyAlmost the same price as a classic connected speaker

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