The Simpsons foretold the future of this famous billionaire again


The American animated series is known to have predicted several current events, such as the election of Donald Trump or the takeover of Fox by Disney. This time, during an episode that aired in 2014, the cult show again prophesied an action that happened recently.

The art of war

Today we’re interested in episode 15 of season 25. In it, Lisa Klaus Ziegler confronts forgeries as some scenes of people admiring the art parade. Richard Branson makes a brief appearance at the property, admiring a painting as he imagines himself floating in his ship.

How can the Simpsons show predict every damn thing?

July 12, 2021

How can the Simpson series predict it all?

That’s pretty impressive indeed. As a reminder, the episode was released in 2014, ten years after Richard Branson founded the space company Virgin Galactic. At that point, the likelihood of the British billionaire going into space was already quite high. In addition, an internet user made a point of qualifying this prediction.

Well, Virgin Galactic has been known to have been trying to get Richard Branson into space for 17 of the 34 years the Simpsons have aired, so the show here wasn’t exactly Nostradamus.

July 13, 2021

Virgin Galactic is known to have been trying to send Richard Branson for 17 years. The Simpsons are not Nostradamus here.

Conquer space

For information, the English entrepreneur made his very first tourist flight over 80 km from the mainland last Sunday. The businessman achieved this for the first time with his rocket aircraft called SpaceShipTwo from his own company Virgin Galactic.

Jeff Bezos, who also recently left his own company to devote himself entirely to conquering outer space, will also fly on board the New Shepard spacecraft of his own company Blue Origin next Tuesday.