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The “silk cherry” of Bremen defend themselves against the ban on demonstration | Free press

The “silk cherry” want to continue to take to the streets against the restrictions imposed by politics. They are no longer allowed to do this in various cities. In Germany’s smallest federal state, the initiative does not want to accept that.

Karlsruhe / Bremen (dpa) – The Federal Constitutional Court has received an urgent motion against the ban on a large-scale demonstration against the corona policy planned in Bremen on Saturday. This was announced by a court spokesman.

The demonstration, registered by the initiative “lateral thinking421”, was banned by the public order service on Tuesday. The decision was subsequently upheld by the Bremen Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court (OVG). The start of the demonstration is scheduled at 1:00 PM. The police are widespread.

“Human fundamental rights are essential and should not be restricted in any way, even during a pandemic,” the organizers justified the trip to Karlsruhe. The OVG had justified its decision against the demonstration by stating that there were no more lenient means than the ban on mounting. “It would not be appropriate to impose a protection and hygiene concept on the applicant, which is ultimately unlikely.”

According to current estimates, up to 20,000 participants are expected at the demonstration under the motto “National Festival for Peace and Freedom” on the Bürgerweide near the main station.

In Mannheim, the administrative court has finally banned the planned demonstrations of “lateral thinking” in the city. The court dismissed a complaint from the organizer against a ban by the Karlsruhe Administrative Court on Saturday, a spokesman for the court said.

The court justified the dismissal of the complaint with contradictory and vague statements by the organizer publicly as to whether he wanted to seriously enforce the previously set conditions. According to the court, there are ‘serious doubts’ about this. The judges followed the position of the Karlsruhe Administrative Court, according to which the applicant could be expected to violate the conditions at the meeting or fail to ensure compliance, which would be punishable. The court announced that this poses a threat to public safety.

The city of Mannheim had previously imposed a demand on 200 participants to protect against the spread of the corona virus. In addition, the rally must be held in a fixed location and it must be ensured that distance rules and mask requirements are adhered to.

The organizer had now registered another meeting, which according to the city is an alternative event. As a result, the city banned any applicant meeting for Saturday. An urgent request was made to the Karlsruhe Administrative Court against the ban, followed by a complaint to the Mannheim Administrative Court. The decision now given cannot be contested (1 S 3891/20).


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