the show’s main villain teased in the credits

Anime fans are used to this kind of detail, credits at the beginning of each episode that contain a lot of hidden or non-hidden information about the series and its plot. The Disney + UFO is no exception to the rule, and its opening credits or event can hold the crucial clue as to who will be the main villain of the entire series.

Wandavision: details in the credits

It’s arguably the nine-episode mini-series that is the most talked about right now because of the lack of something else to eat. Wandavision is the first MCU Phase 4 series and Marvel’s first project in over a year. The authors therefore have the opportunity to include many elements that will solidify the narrative structure of the multiverse over the next few years.

Smart people have found elements in the opening credits of Wandavision who could be the one of Marvel’s main villains, in the presence of Eric Williams, aka Grim Reaper. It is the Twittos Max who noticed a certain element: namely that the Grim Reaper’s helmet (Harvester in VF) is present in the opening. It didn’t take longer to ignite Twitter.

Grim Reaper in #WandaVision ????

January 15, 2021

A well-known super villain

The presence of Grim Reaper at Wandavision is hardly surprising. This villain is closely linked to Vision itself and the Avengers. His goal: to avenge and / or revive his dead brother, who sacrificed himself to save the avengers. In one of the storylines, he will try to capture the mental patterns of his brother that are present in Vision’s head in order to bring him back to life.

Among the Harvester’s allies, we can count some of the villains who have previously seen him in the films. For example, he received his scythe (his fetish weapon implanted in his arm) from Ultron and was released from prison by Electro according to a plan worked out by Norman Osborn. So it’s not impossible to see him again in either the Avengers or Spider-Man, especially when we know that Electro will return in Spider-Man 3.

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