The shocking secret news that is about to destroy Armie Hammer

The shocking secret news that is about to destroy Armie Hammer

Call Me By Your Name actor is embroiled in a scandal that has asked the world if he’s a cannibal after all.

“What if I wanted to cut off a toe and keep it in my pocket so I could always have a bit of you with me?” Armie Hammer reportedly wrote in a private Instagram message. The picture was one of several revelations made on Monday January 11th that put the 34-year-old actor at the center of a scandal.

The effects of the disturbing messages have already caused the first shock in the career of the protagonist of “Call Me By Your Name”, who announced this Thursday January 14th that he will deviate from his next film “Shotgun” Wedding “Where he would be across from Jennifer Lopez.

The pictures of the private conversation were first posted on House of Effie’s Instagram account, which was allegedly sent by a follower. The authenticity of the news has not yet been confirmed and Hammer himself refuses to comment on it. Despite the doubts, the report also revealed an alleged photo by the author where you can see a hand with a tattoo on its finger that resembles Hammer’s.

“I will not respond to these stupid allegations, but in the face of these heinous and defamatory attacks, I cannot in good conscience abandon my children for four months to make a film in the Dominican Republic,” Hammer wrote in a statement.

The news, which allegedly aired between 2016 and 2020, appears to reveal not only the actor’s infidelity – whose divorce from Elizabeth Chambers became official last summer after 10 years of marriage – but also a slew of troubling behaviors.

“I imagine holding your heart in my hand and controlling when it beats. I am a 100 percent cannibal. I want to eat you. Fuck it, it’s scary to admit it. I’ve never done it before, ”he once wrote. “I have to drink your blood,” he added on another message exchange.

Armie Hammer with Lily James in “Rebecca”

The woman behind the House of Effie report eventually made further revelations. His connection with the actor began in 2016 when he posted a private message on his official account. Hammer accepted the message and, upon further urging, finally replied to the fan.

With no further evidence, but with private behavior, several women rushed not only to convict Hammer but to offer their own accounts. Jessica Henriquez, the actor’s ex-girlfriend, announced on Twitter that she thinks the news is real. To add to the mystery, a voice message allegedly from Hammer was shared. In it, you can hear the actor talking about a risky message exchange:

“We said a lot of shit that most people won’t notice. It’s corrupt, niche, it’s a fetish. If that wasn’t bad enough, imagine this: you’re having sex and saying something in the heat of the moment. And then someone comes up to you and says, “I heard you said that …”, completely out of context, outside of this safe place where you thought you could say it. It’s embarrassing. “

The riskiest sexual behavior had been discussed several times. In 2017, he was caught liking publications related to bondage, which sparked a bit of controversy at the time.

In 2013, the actor confided in an interview with “Playboy” his sexual preferences. “I want to be a dominant lover. I like to grab the neck and the hair and all that. But when you get married, your sexual appetite changes. And I say this with the best of my senses – it’s not that you suffer, but you can’t pull your wife’s hair, ”he said.

The comment later forced him to justify himself when he said he was drunk. “In retrospect, don’t drink during the interviews,” he told E! News.

In the same year, Hammer shocked fans again during an interview with “Elle”. “A girl tried to stab me while we were having sex. You shouldn’t tell this story. She turned to me and said that “true love leaves scars and you don’t have any”. And then he tried to poke me with a butcher’s knife. Of course I ended the relationship … seven months later. ”

In November, Hammer left one final clue. In an interview they asked him who his dream guest for dinner would be. The answer? “The Marquis de Sade.”

The 18th-century French philosopher and politician was famous for his sexual works in which he exposed risky preferences based on violence and suffering. He wrote “120 Days of Sodom,” a book that describes the perverted sexual adventures of four men that inevitably end in sexual abuse, torture and death.

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