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The series “Pôr do Sol” has been nominated for an international comedy award

The series “Pôr do Sol” has been nominated for an international comedy award

The winners will be announced at the end of March. The Coyote Vadio project was a success and will have a second season.

The series was a phenomenon in Portugal.

“Pôr do Sol” was RTP1’s summer sensation series. With multiple comments on social media, above-average viewership and views on RTP Play, producer Coyote Vadio’s project has become a phenomenon. And not only in Portugal, because it has been nominated for an international award.

“‘Pôr do Sol’ nominated for Best Series in Series Mania Festival Comedy Competition,” the producer posted on the Instagram page this Friday, February 18. Gabriela Barros, one of the protagonists, also used the social network to share the news.

“So the girl’s heart is racing with emotion. There is a lot of good news together. Our series ‘Sunset’ aka ‘Pôr do Sol’ is nominated for Best Series at the international festival Series Mania,” the actress wrote.

According to the description on the official website, this is the largest event in Europe dedicated to the series. It was released in 2018 in Lille, France, the city where the presentations are held every year. The 2022 festival will take place between March 18th and 25th.

The Portuguese series competes with projects from Israel, Australia, Norway and France. This is the only national project in the competition.

In September it was confirmed that Pôr do Sol will have a second season on RTP1. It is not yet known when the premiere will be.

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