The series has something in common with Harry Potter and Joker


Many viewers believed they recognized actors they had known from previous films or series in the new Netflix series The Lady’s Game. Have you recognized all of the main characters in the series yourself? Do you know what films these actors have starred in before? Here’s a quick rundown of the main characters in The Lady’s Game, and yes, some have actually appeared in major productions like Harry Potter or Joker in the past.

Anya Taylor-Joy

First, let’s look back at the journey of the lead actress in The Lady’s Game, who plays the role of Beth Harmon. In 2017, Anya Taylor-Joy stood out thanks to Split, in which she played the role of a teenage victim of a multi-personality kidnapper. She continues her rise into the world of horror films and thrillers, starring Casey Cooke in Glass alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis.

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The actress, whose career is now advancing, gives her facial features to Gina Gray, wife of Michael Gray in the series Peaky Blinders. She also plays the role of Magik in The New Mutants (2020) before finally appearing as Beth in The Lady’s Play. We haven’t finished seeing this actress in major productions as she is expected to replace Charlize Theron in the predecessor of Mad Max: Fury Road entitled Mad Max: Furiosa, but also in the next Robert Eggers film that promises to to be simply exhilarating and terrifying, The Nortman.

Harry shuffled

The actor who plays Harry Beltik meant something to you, but couldn’t you name this face? Rest assured, you were not alone in this case! Harry Melling, the actor who plays Harry Beltik in The Lady’s Game, is internationally known for a very special role: that of Dudley Dursley in the Harry Potter film series.

In an interview with Telegraph Magazine on October 6, 2009, Harry Melling said:

I can now get rid of the childish actor, like the fat one (the actor was coated as a kid) and start a new career because nobody sees me as Dudley.

The actor’s wish was respected, as his role as Harry Beltik fits him like a glove and we are far removed from the role of his childhood.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Thomas Brofie-Sangster is a 30 year old actor (who is sometimes younger than him depending on his roles). He got the role of Benny Watts in The Lady’s Game and he too has an impressive filmography to his name.

The actor began his career with the BBC at the age of 11 and has since appeared regularly in blockbuster television films and series. He is particularly known for his roles in The Labyrinth (Newt), Nanny Mcphee (Simon Brown), Love Actually (Sam), Game of Thrones (Jojen Reed) or even Thunderbirds (John Tracy / Pirate Dobbs).

Jacob Fortune-Lloyd

Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, who plays Townes in The Lady’s Game, is known for his theater roles. He also played roles in popular series such as The Medici: Masters of Florence, In the Shadow of the Tudors or Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (in which he played a Sith officer).

The actor was one of the few who arrived on the set with a talent for chess, according to his teammates. Had he trained upstream? The actor has not yet looked into the subject. However, he wrote in his Instagram biography “Bringing sexy back to chess in The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix” underscoring his desire to make chess sexy again thanks to his role in the series. Fans of the actor will surely confirm his success in this field.

Bill Camp

Bill Camp is the actor who plays the caretaker of the show’s orphanage who shares his passion for chess with Beth, Mr. Shaibel. This actor was mainly active in the theater during his career, but also played various roles in the cinema, such as that of Harlan Eustice in the film The Great Game (2017). He also played the role of Detective Garrity in Todd Phillips’ Joker.

In the television series, Bill Camp played the role of Inspector Dennis Box on The Night of and, more recently, Howie Salomon on The Outsider, which is based on the Stephen King novel available on HBO.

We also don’t forget the other actors in the series, who all helped make this miniseries a real success, like Marielle Heller (Alma Weathley) or Marcin Dorocinski (Vasily Borgov). We certainly won’t have the pleasure of seeing them for a second season, but they will have given us a show worthy of the name.