The series features the highest rated episode of all time


Attack on Titan was adapted on Japanese television in 2013. While Netflix was releasing this weekend, the second part of the third season of the manga ended and the first part of this season on a giant cliffhanger, Attack on Titan, the Hajime Isayama manga selling 100 million copies, has just offered a great record.

A perfect score

The IMDB website provides the ranking of the best episodes in the series as rated by internet users. And with a rating that can easily be described as perfect, 10/10, Attack on Titan can claim to have the highest rated episode in the site’s entire history.

And there you will die to know what this episode is? This is episode 17 of season 3, titled Heroic. With more than 59,000 votes, the episode tops the ranking. Ony follows the intervention of the exploration battalion, with which Eren can be torn from the clutches of Reiner and Bertolt. Better, the anime pays off the luxury of affording a second episode with the same touch, which is Episode 7 of Season 4, The Assault, and the Perfect Match episode (Season 3, Episode 16), which in those top 5 with a Score of 9.9 / appears. 10!

Let us quote that in this classification, The Attack of the Titans also rubs Breaking Bad, whose episode Ozymandias (season 5, episode 14) also has a grade of 10/10. Finally, Star Wars: The Clone Wars closes this top 5 with the episode Victory and Death (Season 7, Episode 12) with a score of 9.9 / 10.

All Attack on Titan fans are waiting to find out what might be hiding in Eren’s basement, and we’re getting closer … The second part of the final season of the anime is slated to begin simulcasting on Wakanim in 2022. The final chapter of the manga was published on April 9th ​​and is available for digital purchase on publisher Pika’s platforms.